The Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement programme Contents

List of Reports from the Committee during the current session

All publications from the Committee are available on the publications page of the Committee’s website. The reference number of the Government’s response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2016–17

First Report

Efficiency in the criminal justice system

HC 72
(Cm 9351)

Second Report

Personal budgets in social care

HC 74
(Cm 9351)

Third Report

Training new teachers

HC 73
(Cm 9351)

Fourth Report

Entitlement to free early education and childcare

HC 224
(Cm 9351)

Fifth Report

Capital investment in science projects

HC 126
(Cm 9351)

Sixth Report

Cities and local growth

HC 296
(Cm 9351)

Seventh Report

Confiscations orders: progress review

HC 124
(Cm 9351)

Eighth Report

BBC critical projects

HC 75
(Cm 9351)

Ninth Report

Service Family Accommodation

HC 77
(Cm 9351)

Tenth Report

NHS specialised services

HC 387
(Cm 9351)

Eleventh Report

Household energy efficiency measures

HC 125
(Cm 9351)

Twelfth Report

Discharging older people from acute hospitals

HC 76
(Cm 9351)

Thirteenth Report

Quality of service to personal taxpayers and replacing the Aspire contract

HC 78
(Cm 9351)

Fourteenth Report

Progress with preparations for High Speed 2

HC 486
(Cm 9389)

Fifteenth Report

BBC World Service

HC 298
(Cm 9389)

Sixteenth Report

Improving access to mental health services

HC 80
(Cm 9389)

Seventeenth Report

Transforming rehabilitation

HC 484
(Cm 9389)

Eighteenth Report

Better Regulation

HC 487
(Cm 9389)

Nineteenth Report

The Government Balance Sheet

HC 485
(Cm 9389)

Twentieth Report

Shared service centres

HC 297
(Cm 9389)

Twenty-first Report

Departments’ oversight of arm’s-length bodies

HC 488
(Cm 9389)

Twenty-second Report

Progress with the disposal of public land for new homes

HC 634

Twenty-third Report

Universal Credit and fraud and error: progress review

HC 489

Twenty-fourth Report

The sale of former Northern Rock assets

HC 632

Twenty-fifth Report

UnitingCare Partnership contract

HC 633

Twenty-sixth Report

Financial sustainability of local authorities

HC 708

Twenty-seventh Report

Managing government spending and performance

HC 710

Twenty-eighth Report

The apprenticeships programme

HC 709

Twenty-ninth Report

HMRC Performance

HC 712

Thirtieth Report

St Helena Airport

HC 767

Thirty-first Report

Child protection

HC 713

Thirty-second Report

Devolution in England: governance, financial accountability and following the taxpayer pound

HC 866

Thirty-third Report

Troubled families: progress review

HC 711

First Special Report

Protecting the Public’s Money: First Annual Report from Chair of Committee of Public Accounts

HC 835

4 January 2017