Lessons learned from the EU Referendum Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

EUR numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1A 1 (EUR0018)

2A 2 (EUR0024)

3Alexander Minter (EUR0115)

4Alliance EPP: European People’s Party UK (EUR0056)

5Alpha Mason (EUR0078)

6Andrew Robertson (EUR0043)

7Anthony Austen (EUR0030)

8Anton Neumann (EUR0031)

9Association of Electoral Administrators (EUR0016)

10Brenda Hall (EUR0020)

11Brian Edwards (EUR0108)

12Britain Stronger in Europe (EUR0091)

13Dr Alan Renwick (EUR0080)

14Dr Ana Tiganescu (EUR0102)

15Dr Craig Prescott (EUR0098)

16Dr James Sloam (EUR0107)

17Dr Justin Gerlach (EUR0013)

18Dr Michael Brownnutt (EUR0077)

19Dr Rachel Farebrother (EUR0071)

20Dr S. Rebecca Bamford (EUR0090)

21Dr Stephen Barber (EUR0012)

22Dr Suzanne Conboy-Hill (EUR0089)

23Electoral Reform Society (EUR0093)

24Facebook Campaign for the Real Referendum on the Terms of Brexit (EUR0019)

25Full Fact (EUR0111)

26Guy Sherry (EUR0114)

27Hotel and Manchester (EUR0086)

28Information Commissioner’s Office (EUR0099)

29James Beadle (EUR0021)

30James Chater (EUR0034)

31James Hardaker (EUR0113)

32Janet O’Brien (EUR0045)

33John Muir (EUR0051)

34Kate Hammer PhD FRSA (EUR0082)

35Mark Ryan (EUR0116)

36Mark Stewart (EUR0049)

37Martin Cahn (EUR0058)

38Miss Joanna Tilley (EUR0079)

39Miss Keziah Mee (EUR0009)

40Mr Adam Parkinson (EUR0026)

41Mr Alan Kerr (EUR0040)

42Mr Alastair Macphail (EUR0007)

43Mr Brian Hinchcliffe (EUR0037)

44Mr Carl Thompson (EUR0041)

45Mr Christopher Dennison (EUR0022)

46Mr Clifford Williams (EUR0035)

47Mr David Brown (EUR0096)

48Mr David Isaacs (EUR0028)

49Mr David Shilton (EUR0097)

50Mr James Forrest (EUR0042)

51Mr James MacColl (EUR0110)

52Mr James Wilkinson (EUR0029)

53Mr John Willis (EUR0083)

54Mr Jonathan Hoffman (EUR0003)

55Mr Martin Robinson (EUR0015)

56Mr Michael Boden (EUR0032)

57Mr Michael Carbeerry (EUR0100)

58Mr Paul Goldsmith (EUR0075)

59Mr Paul Milton (EUR0002)

60Mr Peter Hutchison (EUR0047)

61Mr Peter Moors (EUR0067)

62Mr Peter Smart (EUR0055)

63Mr Peter Vass (EUR0059)

64Mr Philip Hogge (EUR0033)

65Mr Richard Veryard (EUR0092)

66Mr Robert Wetherill (EUR0088)

67Mr Roger Cracknell (EUR0014)

68Mr Stephen Hutton (EUR0039)

69Mr Stewart Small (EUR0061)

70Mr Stuart Smith (EUR0023)

71Mrs Barbara Robinson (EUR0050)

72Mrs Elizabeth Gill (EUR0048)

73Mrs Patricia Geary (EUR0054)

74Mrs Sally Bean (EUR0094)

75Mrs Tamsin Bouju (EUR0004)

76Mrs Zeba Clarke (EUR0006)

77Ms Alison Ball (EUR0069)

78Ms Charlotte Roberts (EUR0063)

79Ms Polly Sykes (EUR0017)

80Ms Sheelagh Abbots (EUR0053)

81Ms Susan Hedley (EUR0065)

82National Council for Voluntary Organisations (EUR0076)

83Norman Willcox (EUR0038)

84Oliver Rowland (EUR0060)

85Pamela Howarth (EUR0046)

86Paul Davies (EUR0036)

87Paul Matuszczyk (EUR0005)

88Peter Hirst (EUR0011)

89Philip Hodson (EUR0008)

90Professor Ailsa Henderson (EUR0103)

91Professor Derek Taylor (EUR0101)

92Professor Graham Smith (EUR0109)

93Professor John Ryan (EUR0105)

94Professor Richard Ekins (EUR0104)

95Professor Stephen Tierney (EUR0072)

96Professor Steven Brown (EUR0074)

97Talk Shop (EUR0085)

98The Centre for European Reform (EUR0084)

99The Royal Statistical Society (EUR0106)

100The Sir Bernard Crick Centre, University of Sheffield (EUR0062)

101The Sixty-Three Group (EUR0052)

102The UK in a Changing Europe (EUR0064)

103UK Social Scientists (EUR0087)

104William Chapman (EUR0070)

11 April 2017