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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

ROB numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ABB (ROB0026)

2Andrew Brereton (ROB0004)

3Article 36 (ROB0029)

4Autonomous Intelligent Systems Partnership (AISP) (ROB0049)

5AZTIX (ROB0048)

6BAE Systems MA&I (ROB0067)

7BioCentre (ROB0061)

8Braintree Ltd (ROB0038)

9Cambridge University Science Policy Exchange (ROB0001)

10D&TforD&T (ROB0017)

11Deloitte (ROB0019)

12Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (ROB0066)

13Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (ROB0076)

14Department of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering, The University of Sheffield (ROB0016)

15Digital Wisdom Institute (ROB0072)

16Dr Andrew Stewart (ROB0058)

17Dr J. Robert Michael (ROB0013)

18Dr Owen Cotton-Barrett (ROB0074)

19Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara (ROB0010)

20Dr Toby Walsh (ROB0012)

21Dr Will Slocombe (ROB0015)

22Edge Foundation (ROB0011)

23EMLSRI (ROB0057)

24EPSRC UK-RAS Network (ROB0032)

25Future Advocacy (ROB0047)

26Future of Humanity Institute, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Global Priorities Project, Future of Life Institute (ROB0052)

27Global Priorities Project (ROB0051)

28Google DeepMind (ROB0062)

29Hereward College (ROB0028)

30Informed.AI (ROB0009)

31Innovate UK (ROB0060) and (ROB0075)

32John Phillips (ROB0069)

33Joint response from AAAI and UKCRC (ROB0021)

34Lloyd’s Register Foundation (ROB0065)

35Manufacturing Technology Centre (ROB0018)

36Microsoft (ROB0046)

37Mr Geoff Pegman (ROB0059)

38Nesta (ROB0034)

39Northern Robotics Network (ROB0040)

40Nutmeg Saving and Investment Ltd (ROB0035)

41Optima Control Solutions Ltd. (ROB0068)

42Ordnance Survey (ROB0039)

43Peter Morgan (ROB0003)

44Population Matters (ROB0007)

45Professor Alan Winfield (ROB0070)

46Professor David Lane (ROB0064)

47Professor Huw Price (ROB0031)

48Professor Ian Pyle (ROB0071)

49Professor Rose Luckin (ROB0043) and (ROB0073)

50Professor Sandor M Veres (ROB0055)

51Professor Tony Prescott (ROB0020)

52Pupils 2 Parliament (ROB0030)

53RACE, UK Atomic Energy Authority (ROB0041)

54Research Councils UK (ROB0033)

55Rocket Fuel (ROB0036)

56Royal Academy of Engineering (ROB0042)

57Simon Beard (ROB0045)

58techUK (ROB0063)

59The Involve Foundation (ROB0025)

60The Law Society (ROB0037)

61The Robotics & Autonomous Systems Special Interest Group (ROB0027)

62The Royal Society (ROB0023)

63Transpolitica (ROB0044)

64Transport Systems Catapult (ROB0014)

65UCL Knowledge Lab (ROB0024)

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5 October 2016