Leaving the EU: implications and opportunities for science and research Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

LEA numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

11640 UK-Based Early Career Researchers (Joint submission) (LEA0104)

2Academy of Medical Sciences (LEA0094) and (LEA0265)

3ADS Group (LEA0221)

4Aerospace Technology Institute (LEA0273)

5Agricultural Biotechnology Council (LEA0191)

6Airbus Group (LEA0168)

7AIRTO Ltd (LEA0083)

8Alexander Lenz, Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology (LEA0061)

9Alzheimer’s Research UK (LEA0211)

10Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families (LEA0240)

11Anneliese Dodds MEP and Clare Moody MEP (LEA0253)

12ApconiX (LEA0087)

13ARMA UK Ltd (LEA0284)

14AsSIST-UK (LEA0163)

15Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) (LEA0173)

16Babraham Institute (LEA0124) and (LEA0254)

17Birkbeck, University of London (LEA0092)

18Birmingham City University (LEA0161)

19BIVDA (LEA0047)

20Breast Cancer Now (LEA0241)

21British Association for Psychopharmacology (LEA0043)

22British Ceramic Confederation (LEA0248)

23British Council (LEA0214)

24British Geotechnical Association (LEA0197)

25British Heart Foundation (LEA0194)

26British Library (LEA0271)

27British Nuclear Medicine Society (LEA0171)

28British Pharmacological Society (LEA0238)

29British Science Association (LEA0212)

30British Society for Immunology (LEA0178)

31British Society of Genetic Medicine (LEA0198)

32British Toxicology Society (LEA0255)

33Brunel University London (LEA0268)

34BSPB (LEA0152)

35BT (LEA0263)

36Campaign for Science and Engineering (LEA0267)

37Cancer Research UK (LEA0224)

38Canterbury Christ Church University (LEA0260)

39Cardiff Metropolitan University (LEA0015)

40Cardiff University (LEA0208)

41CBI (LEA0250)

42Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility, De Montfort University (LEA0139)

43Centre for Process Innovation (LEA0209)

44Challenger Society for Marine Science (LEA0128)

45Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (LEA0136)

46Chris Illingworth (LEA0102)

47Council for Mathematical Sciences (LEA0157)

48Council of Professors and Heads of Computing (CPHC) and UK Computing Research Committee (UKCRC) (LEA0234)

49Cranfield University (LEA0206)

50Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (LEA0274)

51Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge (LEA0167)

52Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Sheffield (LEA0144)

53Digital Catapult (LEA0227)

54Dr Adam Miles Lewis (LEA0095)

55Dr Brian Fawcett (LEA0058)

56Dr Charlotte Jackson (LEA0054)

57Dr David Rydeheard (LEA0107)

58Dr Diego Gallardo (LEA0033)

59Dr Gillian Harrison (LEA0189)

60Dr Grant Lewison, King’s College London (LEA0199)

61Dr Helen Stagg (LEA0004)

62Dr Hywel Owen (LEA0070)

63Dr James Briscoe (LEA0106)

64Dr John Steedman (LEA0049)

65Dr Julian Downward (LEA0187)

66Dr Louise Porter (LEA0285)

67Dr Magnus Johnson (LEA0001)

68Dr Mark Roberts (LEA0052)

69Dr Michael Head (LEA0112)

70Dr Nihal Sinnadurai (LEA0046)

71Dr Rohit K Dasgupta (LEA0017)

72Dr Scott McGrane (LEA0026)

73Dr Stephen Fleming (LEA0021)

74ELIXIR (LEA0231)

75EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (LEA0154)

76Emeritus Professor Colin Ockleford (LEA0003)

77Engineering Professors’ Council (LEA0233)

78Eric Deeson (LEA0030)

79European Commission (LEA0287)

80European Social Survey (LEA0005)

81European Space Agency (LEA0105)

82Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure (LEA0131)

83Fera Science Ltd (LEA0081)

84Francis Crick Institute (LEA0146)

85Frank Krauss (LEA0023)

86Goldsmiths, University of London (LEA0252)

87Granta Design Ltd (LEA0038)

88Great Ormond Street Hospital (LEA0166)

89GuildHE (LEA0190)

90Heads of University Centres of Biomedical Sciences (HUCBMS) (LEA0229)

91HEFCE (LEA0230)

92Hewlett Packard Enterprise (LEA0151)

93HM Treasury (LEA0286)

94HVM Catapult (LEA0099)

95Icon, the Institute of Conservation (LEA0086)

96IMPACKT, Swansea University (LEA0138)

97Imperial College London (LEA0242)

98Institute of Acoustics (LEA0073)

99Institute of Chartered Foresters (LEA0156)

100Institute of Occupational Medicine (LEA0024)

101Institute of Physics (LEA0062)

102Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (LEA0135)

103Institution of Environmental Sciences (LEA0256)

104John Innes Centre (LEA0072)

105John Wiley & Sons (LEA0243)

106Keele University (LEA0213)

107Knowledge Transfer Network (LEA0103)

108Lancaster University (LEA0204)

109Leeds Beckett University (LEA0169)

110LGC (LEA0111)

111London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LEA0153)

112London South Bank University (LEA0195)

113Loughborough University (LEA0109)

114Manchester City Council (LEA0276)

115Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (LEA0232)

116Marine Biological Association (LEA0278)

117Materials Processing Institute (LEA0266)

118Medical Schools Council (LEA0088)

119Michelle Peckham (LEA0264)

120Mike Wingfield (LEA0036)

121MillionPlus (LEA0064)

122Mineral Products Association (LEA0126)

123Moshe Kinn (LEA0071)

124Mr Ian Byrne (LEA0134)

125Mr James Bernardi (LEA0037)

126Mr Joe Gorman (LEA0075)

127Mr Leonardo Buizza (LEA0032)

128Mr Marcio Aquino (LEA0002)

129Mr Thomas Eagle (LEA0065)

130Mr Yirgalem Negash Tesfaye (LEA0078)

131MRC Clinical Sciences Centre (LEA0280)

132MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit, University of Bristol (LEA0122)

133MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology (LEA0101)

134MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LEA0074)

135Mrs Nimisha Kotecha (LEA0170)

136Muscular Dystrophy UK (LEA0216)

137National Centre for Atmospheric Science (LEA0149)

138National Farmers’ Union (LEA0116)

139National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) (LEA0155)

140National Institutes of Bioscience (LEA0172)

141National Oceanography Centre (LEA0140)

142Natural History Museum (LEA0262)

143Newcastle University (LEA0182)

144NHS European Office (LEA0193)

145Nicola Capstaff (LEA0127)

146NOAH Ltd. (LEA0217)

147Open Data Institute (LEA0118)

148Plymouth Marine Laboratory (LEA0085)

149Political Studies Association (LEA0246)

150Post-doctoral Researchers in the Division of Biosciences, University College London (LEA0119)

151Professor Emeritus Giovanni Ciccotti (LEA0035)

152Professor Alexander Orlov (LEA0203)

153Professor Anthony Fox (LEA0016)

154Professor Ben Bollig (LEA0288)

155Professor Carlton Baugh (LEA0006)

156Professor Dave Fernig, University of Liverpool (LEA0060)

157Professor David Dobson (LEA0029)

158Professor David Schmool (LEA0034)

159Professor Heiko Balzter (LEA0084)

160Professor Jeremy Baumberg (LEA0012)

161Professor Jernej Ule (LEA0019)

162Professor John Duncan (LEA0068)

163Professor John Duncan and colleagues (LEA0069)

164Professor John Hardy (LEA0020)

165Professor John Quinton (LEA0018)

166Professor Jonathan Bamber (LEA0041)

167Professor Julian Hiscox (LEA0010)

168Professor Martin Vetterli (LEA0059)

169Professor Miles Padgett (LEA0056)

170Professor of Computational Biology Nicholas Luscombe (LEA0249)

171Professor Peter Weinberg (LEA0108)

172Professor Richard Wakeford (LEA0066) and (LEA0183)

173Professor Robin Shattock (LEA0051)

174Professor Roger Barker (LEA0045)

175Professor Sebastian Oliver (LEA0259)

176Professor Stuart West (LEA0013)

177Professor Theodore Shepherd (LEA0025)

178Professor Tim Palmer CBE FRS (LEA0014)

179Professor Timothy Frayling (LEA0009)

180Professor Toby Bruce (LEA0053)

181Prospect (LEA0113)

182Queen Mary University of London (LEA0176)

183Research Councils UK (LEA0235)

184Ricardo plc (LEA0055)

185Robert Gordon University (LEA0141)

186Rolls-Royce plc (LEA0245)

187Rothamsted Research (LEA0188)

188Royal Academy of Engineering (LEA0279)

189Royal Astronomical Society (LEA0145)

190Royal College of Physicians (LEA0181)

191Royal College of Psychiatrists (LEA0282)

192Royal Irish Academy (LEA0239)

193Royal Meteorological Society (LEA0039)

194Royal Pharmaceutical Society (LEA0272)

195Royal Society of Biology (LEA0225)

196Royal Society of Chemistry (LEA0077)

197Russell Group (LEA0180)

198Safran (LEA0096)

199Satellite Applications Catapult (LEA0093)

200Science Board - Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) (LEA0196)

201Science Council (LEA0236)

202Scienceogram UK (LEA0202)

203Scientists for Britain (LEA0089)

204Scientists for EU (LEA0261)

205Sciovis Ltd (LEA0150)

206Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (LEA0091)

207Seqirus (LEA0281)

208Sheffield Hallam University (LEA0090)

209Shelford Group Medical Directors (LEA0270)

210SOAS, University of London (LEA0040)

211Society for Endocrinology (LEA0048)

212Society for the Environment (LEA0192)

213Society of Chemical Industry (LEA0257)

214Space Insight Ltd (LEA0123)

215Spirent Communications plc (LEA0162)

216STFC Solar System Advisory Panel (LEA0244)

217TalaveraScience (LEA0050)

218The Association of Medical Research Charities (LEA0228)

219The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) (LEA0247)

220The British Academy (LEA0175)

221The Geological Society (LEA0269)

222The Health and Europe Centre (LEA0164)

223The Institute of Cancer Research, London (LEA0207)

224The Open University (LEA0027)

225The Postdocs of Cambridge Society (PdOC) (LEA0185)

226The Publishers Association (LEA0283)

227The Royal Society (LEA0177)

228The Royal Society of Edinburgh (LEA0082)

229The Systematics Association (LEA0237)

230The UK 850 MHz Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility (LEA0158)

231The University of Sheffield (LEA0110)

232The Catapult Programme (LEA0160)

233UCL (LEA0057), (LEA0114) and (LEA0258)

234UCL Hazard Centre (LEA0220)

235UCL Institute of Neurology Postdoc Committee (LEA0028)

236UCL Knowledge Lab (LEA0132)

237UK Deans of Science (LEA0129)

238UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (LEA0223)

239UKAEA (LEA0044) and (LEA0218)

240Ulster University (LEA0201)

241Universities UK (LEA0275)

242University of Bristol (LEA0063) and (LEA0210)

243University of Cambridge (LEA0042)

244University of East Anglia (LEA0115)

245University of Edinburgh (LEA0159)

246University of Exeter (LEA0186)

247University of Hull (LEA0142)

248University of Leeds (LEA0130)

249University of Leicester (LEA0179)

250University of Liverpool (LEA0222)

251University of Manchester (LEA0165)

252University of Nottingham (LEA0205)

253University of Oxford (LEA0184)

254University of Portsmouth (LEA0251)

255University of Southampton (LEA0097)

256University of Sussex (LEA0079)

257University of the Arts London (LEA0137)

258University of Winchester (LEA0215)

259University of Wolverhampton (LEA0098)

260Wellcome Trust (LEA0277)

261Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (LEA0133)

262WISE Campaign (LEA0226)

263World Conservation Monitoring Centre (LEA0200)

264Xi Hu (LEA0080)

17 November 2016