The future of rail: Improving the rail passenger experience Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

RPE numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Adam Martin-Lawrence (RPE0125)

2Allan Eagle (RPE0130)

3Amanda Brace (RPE0243)

4Anastasia Saward (RPE0140)

5Andrew Crook (RPE0154)

6Angel Trains (RPE0184)

7Anna Saggerson (RPE0135)

8Anssi Lampola (RPE0070)

9APTU (The Association of Public Transport Users) (RPE0191)

10ASLEF (RPE0100)

11ASLEF (RPE0246)

12Bring Back British Rail (RPE0196)

13Campaign for Better Transport (RPE0206)

14Chris Cox (RPE0005)

15Christopher Walker (RPE0153)

16Claire Wood (RPE0239)

17Community Transport Assocation (RPE0190)

18Crofton Park Transport Users Group (RPE0168)

19David Cooper-Smith (RPE0251)

20David Robson (RPE0060)

21Department for Transport (RPE0166)

22Department for Transport (RPE0250)

23Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (RPE0229)

24Dr Caroline Lucas (RPE0189)

25Dr James Pritchard (RPE0200)

26Dr Jochen Brandt (RPE0177)

27Dr John Mitchell (RPE0232)

28Dr Mathew Philip (RPE0081)

29Dr Neil Walkinshaw (RPE0014)

30Dr Nigel Brown (RPE0033)

31Dr Oliver Darlington (RPE0143)

32Dr Pam Wortley (RPE0030)

33Dr Tom Haines (RPE0131)

34Ed Aldridge (RPE0129)

35Edward Swales (RPE0211)

36Emma Sullivan (RPE0203)

37Erika Smith (RPE0127)

38FirstGroup plc (RPE0208)

39Francis Field (RPE0087)

40FRECCLES-Friends of Eccles Station (RPE0007)

41Fred Rodgers (RPE0137)

42Friends of Sussex Hospices (RPE0091)

43Gareth Richards (RPE0003)

44Helen Hart (RPE0012)

45Iain Mitchell (RPE0082)

46Ian Brown (RPE0182)

47Ian Taylor (RPE0170)

48Independent Assistance Dog Agency (RPE0205)

49James Taylor (RPE0103)

50James Withey (RPE0059)

51Jamie Johnson (RPE0219)

52Jeremy McKinley (RPE0026)

53Jo Lyons (RPE0042)

54John Cartledge (RPE0062)

55John Thursfield (RPE0071)

56John White (RPE0076)

57Jonathan Mumford (RPE0145)

58Judith Phillips (RPE0139)

59Julian Taylor (RPE0052)

60Kate Magic (RPE0097)

61Katie Morris (RPE0099)

62Katy Treverton (RPE0002)

63Lance Pierson (RPE0164)

64Lawrence Simpson (RPE0188)

65Lindsay Smith (RPE0155)

66Lindsay Viljoen (RPE0234)

67London Councils (RPE0185)

68London TravelWatch (RPE0134)

69London TravelWatch (RPE0241)

70Manek Dubash (RPE0107)

71Mark Cooper (RPE0150)

72Martyn Clark (RPE0227)

73Mary Sansom (RPE0179)

74Michael Burbidge (RPE0217)

75Miss Christine Gale (RPE0157)

76Miss Harriet de Beaufort-Suchlick (RPE0040)

77Miss Jo Waggott (RPE0236)

78Miss Joannafey Mills (RPE0067)

79Miss Natalie Lamb (RPE0016)

80Mr Adam Duckenfield (RPE0083)

81Mr Alasdair Lowrey (RPE0089)


83Mr Alexander Millett (RPE0187)

84Mr Andrew Bodman (RPE0008)

85Mr Andrew Harley (RPE0214)

86Mr Andrew Hinder (RPE0119)

87Mr Andrew Layton (RPE0111)

88Mr Andrew Saunders (RPE0158)

89Mr Antony Johnson (RPE0073)

90Mr Arun Thomas (RPE0065)

91Mr Ashley Frank (RPE0173)

92Mr Barry Knock (RPE0001)

93Mr Ben Niblett (RPE0069)

94Mr Christopher Morton (RPE0136)

95Mr Clive Howell (RPE0133)

96Mr Colin Smith (RPE0169)

97Mr Dallas Roulston (RPE0047)

98Mr David Thomas (RPE0045)

99Mr David Wood (RPE0013)

100Mr Dominic Clark (RPE0038)

101Mr Duncan Neat (RPE0207)

102Mr Gary Fawle (RPE0231)

103Mr Gerard Deegan (RPE0124)

104Mr Grahame Mitchell (RPE0041)

105Mr Iain Kernaghan (RPE0080)

106Mr Ian Clark (RPE0021)

107Mr Ian M Murray (RPE0116)

108Mr James Baker (RPE0186)

109Mr James Miller (RPE0029)

110Mr John Gatehouse (RPE0063)

111Mr John Hampson (RPE0141)

112Mr John Lambert (RPE0104)

113Mr John Wardley (RPE0117)

114Mr Jon Morris (RPE0161)

115Mr Jonathan Barnes (RPE0057)

116Mr Keith Gooderson (RPE0113)

117Mr Ken Grocott (RPE0149)

118Mr Leslie Ong (RPE0032)

119Mr Leslie Simpson (RPE0110)

120Mr Malcolm Wright (RPE0121)

121Mr Martin Green (RPE0051)

122Mr Matthew Laidler (RPE0064)

123Mr Nick Tigg (RPE0224)

124Mr Oliver Green (RPE0036)

125Mr Paul Meek (RPE0054)

126Mr Peter Braben (RPE0015)

127Mr Peter Payne (RPE0066)

128Mr Richard Grimshaw (RPE0144)

129Mr Robert Newton (RPE0043)

130Mr Shouvik Datta (RPE0222)

131Mr Simon Lowe (RPE0180)

132Mr Stephen Kent (RPE0027)

133Mr Stephen Miller (RPE0031)

134Mr Stuart Blackburn (RPE0109)

135Mr Tim Blostone (RPE0048)

136Mr Tony Waite (RPE0011)

137Mr Upin Dattani (RPE0215)

138Mrs Annabel Allen (RPE0156)

139Mrs Barbara Snell (RPE0039)

140Mrs Claire Clifford (RPE0046)

141Mrs Claire Henderson (RPE0009)

142Mrs Gaye Cummins (RPE0055)

143Mrs Michelle Christensen (RPE0101)

144Mrs Sandra Hurst (RPE0167)

145Ms Alison Carter (RPE0020)

146Ms Carol Major (RPE0078)

147Ms Caroline Clark (RPE0142)

148Ms Chris Hassall (RPE0178)

149Ms Dawn Robinson-Walsh (RPE0095)

150Ms Gemma Burford (RPE0088)

151Ms Janet Kay (RPE0225)

152Ms Lucy Raby (RPE0237)

153Ms Mary Barton (RPE0128)

154Ms Sue Fasquelle (RPE0118)

155Ms Susan Mowbray (RPE0181)

156MTR Corporation (RPE0195)

157Neil Barstow (RPE0106)

158Newcastle University (RPE0093)

159Newcastle upon Tyne local group of the Tyne and Wear Public Transport User Group (RPE0228)

160Nick Lester-Davis (RPE0151)

161Nigel Harwood (RPE0010)

162Noam Bleicher (RPE0056)

163Noora Vainio (RPE0210)

164Office of Rail and Road (RPE0218)

165Patricia Auty (RPE0092)

166Paul Hogan (RPE0072)

167Paul Hollinghurst (RPE0098)

168Paul Hoskin (RPE0077)

169Paul Hutchins (RPE0147)

170Paul Sotiriou (RPE0105)

171Paul Sparks (RPE0213)

172Pete Brace (RPE0148)

173Peter Bolwell (RPE0096)

174Peter Cox (RPE0112)

175Polly Maloney (RPE0175)

176Professor Christopher Baker (RPE0022)

177Professor Glenn Lyons (RPE0242)

178Rail Delivery Group (RPE0202)

179Railfuture (RPE0138)

180Ralph Lucas (RPE0120)

181RMT (RPE0244)

182RMT (RPE0247)

183RMT (RPE0248)

184RMT (RPE0252)

185RMT (supplementary evidence) (RPE0245)

186Rob Lloyd (RPE0085)

187Rosie Cardiff (RPE0079)

188Rui Cardoso (RPE0037)

189Samantha Boyd (RPE0017)

190Sarah Clifford (RPE0053)

191Sasha Andrews (RPE0049)

192Sherborne Transport Action Group (RPE0174)

193Simon Hetzel (RPE0230)

194Simon Lowe (RPE0028)

195Stephen Wilson (RPE0162)

196Steve Scott (RPE0090)

197Steven Harrison (RPE0094)

198Stuart McSkimming (RPE0165)

199Susan Bentley (RPE0075)

200Susie Green (RPE0023)

201Teresa Preece (RPE0126)

202Terry Miller (RPE0216)

203The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (RPE0199)

204Therese Holmes (RPE0115)

205Tim Ivorson (RPE0183)

206Tina Bell (RPE0194)

207Tom Davin (RPE0226)

208Tom Houlbrook (RPE0160)

209Tonbridge Line Commuters (RPE0176) Limited (RPE0201)

211Transport Focus (RPE0198)

212Transport Focus (RPE0238)

213Transport Focus (RPE0249)

214Transport for London (RPE0233)

215TravelWatch NorthWest (RPE0192)

216Tyne and Wear Public Transport Users Group (RPE0163)

217Urban Transport Group (RPE0209)

218V J Slayden (RPE0050)

219Vicky Ayech (RPE0102)

220Virgin Trains (RPE0204)

221West Midlands Campaign for Better Transport (RPE0221)

222Wincenty Dulkowski (RPE0068)

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