Building for Equality: Disability and the Built Environment Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

DBE numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Access Association (DBE0057)

2Adrian Whyatt (DBE0051)

3Age UK (DBE0156)

4Aldridge Prenton (DBE0088)

5Angela Cavill-Burch (DBE0001)

6Anne Jerman (DBE0024)

7Around the Toilet (DBE0087)

8Aspire (DBE0026)

9Berkshire Disabled People Against Cuts (DBE0045)

10BESiDE Research Project (DBE0008)

11Bob Goodall (DBE0089)

12Bradford & District Strategic Disability Partnership (DBE0139)

13Bristol Disability Equality Forum (DBE0078)

14British Healthcare Trades Association (DBE0113)

15British Parking Association (DBE0148)

16British Standards Institution (DBE0119)

17BSI Committee B/559 (DBE0084)

18Built Environment Professional Education Project Board (DBE0191)

19Built Environment Professional Education Project Board (DBE0112)

20Byron Konizi (DBE0105)

21Cambridge Cycling Campaign (DBE0181)

22Cambridgeshire Alliance for Independent Living (DBE0058)

23Care & Repair England (DBE0053)

24Carole Holmes MBE (DBE0022)

25Caroline Balhuizen (DBE0005)

26Carolyn Stolls (DBE0020)

27Centre for Accessible Environments (DBE0102)

28Centre for Ageing Better (DBE0003)

29Centre for Housing Policy (DBE0093)

30Challenging Behaviour Foundation (DBE0091)

31Chartered Institute of Building (DBE0120)

32Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (DBE0180)

33Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (DBE0118)

34College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section in Housing (DBE0076)

35Constantinos Regas (DBE0137)

36Councillor Douglas Johnson (DBE0135)

37Councillor Martin Round (DBE0079)

38Darlington Association on Disability (DBE0012)

39David Hunter (DBE0019)

40David M Bates (DBE0157)

41Department for Communities and Local Government (DBE0189)

42Department for Communities and Local Government (DBE0192)

43Department for Communities and Local Government (DBE0124)

44Design Council (DBE0125)

45Disability Action Wyre Forest (DBE0077)

46Disability Dynamics (DBE0042)

47Disability Involvement Group (DBE0142)

48Disability Stockport (DBE0007)

49Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DBE0055)

50Dr Carolyn Voisey (DBE0082)

51Dr Linda Miller (DBE0090)

52Dr Pam Thomas (DBE0098)

53Dr Rachael Luck PhD RIBA (DBE0169)

54Dr Rachel Aldred (DBE0132)

55East Dunbartonshire Visually Impaired People’s Forum (DBE0145)

56East Sussex Association of Blind & Partially Sighted People User Group (DBE0143)

57Equal Lives (DBE0107)

58Gloucester Hard of Hearing Club (DBE0048)

59Gosport Access Group & Disability Forum (DBE0117)

60Greater London Authority (DBE0106)

61Guide Dogs (DBE0114)

62Guide Dogs Ashford (DBE0072)

63Habinteg (DBE0100)

64Hft (DBE0104)

65Historic England (DBE0060)

66Home Builders Federation (DBE0111)

67Housing Law Practitioners Association (DBE0065)

68Hull Access Improvement Group (DBE0173)

69IBI Group (DBE0115)

70Inclusion London (DBE0190)

71Inclusion London (DBE0097)

72Inclusion Scotland (DBE0010)

73Independent Lives (DBE0101)

74Institution of Civil Engineers (DBE0071)

75Kingston Visual Impairment Parliament (DBE0134)

76Later Life Ambitions (DBE0108)

77Laura Rutherford (DBE0159)

78Leicester Disabled People’s Access Group (DBE0131)

79Leicester Disabled People’s Access Group (DBE0066)

80Liverpool Hope University (DBE0014)

81Living Streets (DBE0056)

82Local Government Association (DBE0070)

83Lochaber Disability Access Panel (DBE0031)

84London Autistic Rights Movement (DBE0130)

85Lord Holmes (DBE0073)

86Lorna Fillingham (DBE0052)

87Martin Cassini (DBE0096)

88Mental Health Foundation (DBE0094)

89Miss Gill Sheppard (DBE0154)

90Motor Neurone Disease Association (DBE0064)

91Mr Alan Morey (DBE0133)

92Mr Alasdair Guest (DBE0074)

93Mr Benjamin Hamilton-Baillie (DBE0067)

94Mr Bill Waddell (DBE0153)

95Mr David Hicks (DBE0049)

96Mr Doug Paulley (DBE0186)

97Mr John Frith (DBE0037)

98Mr John Monniot (DBE0146)

99Mr Karl Farrell (DBE0144)

100Mr Ken Miles (DBE0141)

101Mr Mark Tilsley (DBE0041)

102Mr Michael Broderick (DBE0179)

103Mr Mike Brace (DBE0034)

104Mr Nick Gradwell (DBE0044)

105Mr Philip Barton (DBE0050)

106Mr Richard West (DBE0152)

107Mr Roger Cannon (DBE0167)

108Mr Ronald Koorm (DBE0027)

109Mr Ross Atkin (DBE0138)

110Mr Stephen Belcher (DBE0063)

111Mr Vaughan Rees (DBE0188)

112Mr Victor Jackson (DBE0163)

113Mrs Helen Dudden (DBE0011)

114Mrs Jennifer Saunders (DBE0017)

115Mrs Jill Allen-King OBE (DBE0040)

116Mrs Josie Iles (DBE0155)

117Mrs Rachel George (DBE0062)

118Mrs Susan Cunningham (DBE0006)

119Mrs Susan Davies (DBE0023)

120Ms Ann Skippers (DBE0080)

121Ms Barbara Walker (DBE0166)

122Ms Gillian Taggart (DBE0168)

123Ms Hazel Macfarlane (DBE0150)

124Ms Jane Sellers (DBE0171)

125Ms Janice Long (DBE0140)

126Ms Julie Fleck (DBE0083)

127Ms Margaret Hutchison (DBE0164)

128Ms Marianne Scullion (DBE0174)

129Ms Pam Dixon (DBE0170)

130Ms Rona Topaz (DBE0092)

131Ms Sarah Gayton (DBE0184)

132Ms Sarah Gayton (DBE0185)

133Muscular Dystrophy UK Trailblazers (DBE0127)

134National Register of Access Consultants (DBE0081)

135Newcastle Disability Forum (DBE0030)

136NFBUK Leeds Branch (DBE0038)

137Norfolk & Norwich Association for the Blind (DBE0054)

138Patons of Shifnal (DBE0151)

139Paul Leonard-Williams (DBE0187)

140Paul Milton (DBE0028)

141People First (Self Advocacy) (DBE0183)

142Peter Mitchell (DBE0016)

143Professor Arnold Wilkins (DBE0013)

144Professor Catharine Ward Thompson, Director of OPENspace Research Centre, University of Edinburgh (DBE0069)

145Public Realm Information and Advice Network (DBE0068)

146Public Toilets UK (DBE0033)

147Pupils 2 Parliament (DBE0126)

148RIBA (DBE0121)

149RNIB (DBE0110)

150Rooms of our Own (DBE0182)

151Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (DBE0177)

152Royal Town Planning Institute (DBE0122)

153Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems (DBE0061)

154Scottish Disability Equality Forum (DBE0095)

155SeeAbility (DBE0109)

156Sense (DBE0103)

157Sheffield Access Liaison Group (DBE0099)

158Sheila Peace, Emeritus Professor in Social Gerontology at the Open University (DBE0059)

159Sport England (DBE0165)

160Stephanie Swain (DBE0032)

161Stirling Access Panel (DBE0116)

162The Kennel Club (DBE0175)

163Thomas Pocklington Trust (DBE0123)

164Unity Law (DBE0160)

165Urban Design Group (DBE0158)

166Vaila Morrison (DBE0085)

167VISION 2020 UK (DBE0075)

168Wheels for Wellbeing (DBE0086)

169World of Accessible Toilets Project (DBE0036)

24 April 2017