Employment opportunities for Muslims in the UK Contents


Terms of Reference




Our inquiry

1 The Government’s approach to integration and opportunity

Recent Government announcements

Casey Review

ESOL funding

Inter-Ministerial Group and the BME 2020 challenge

Sir John Parker’s Review

The Coalition Government’s integration strategy

Anti Muslim Hatred Working Group

Project funding

Current Government strategy

Separation of strategy from counter-extremism

Measuring the effectiveness of initiatives

Data quality

Conclusions and recommendations

2 Supporting the aspirations of Muslim women

Triple penalty

Views of women’s roles

Traditional family pressures

Role of mosques

English language skills

Impact of Islamophobia

Discrimination in the recruitment process

Impact of poverty

Government support for Muslim women

Conclusions and recommendations

3 Widening access to university

Russell Group

Barriers to university study

Parental aspirations

Raising awareness of education choices

Attainment at school

Family/religious demands

Soft skills

Factors affecting student finances

Attainment gap at university

Graduate employment attainment gap

Support for Muslim students

Outreach and work of university groups

Transparency duty

Conclusions and recommendations

4 Providing effective support to work

Inter-Ministerial Group and the BME 2020 challenge

Criticism of the targets

Jobcentre Plus and the provision of sensitive employment support

Universal Credit

ESOL classes

Childcare as a barrier to employment

Awareness of free childcare entitlement

Attitudes towards childcare

Use of informal childcare

Supply of childcare

Conclusions and recommendations

5 Tackling workplace discrimination

Impact of the rise in Islamophobia on the workplace

Fear of discrimination and the chill factor

Discrimination in recruitment and name-blind applications

Inconsistent employment practices

Working environment

Social networking in the workplace

Evidence of discrimination

Remedies for resolving discrimination in the workplace

Resolution of discrimination cases

Role of the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Fear of taking action against employer

Conclusions and recommendations

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex: Terms of reference

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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