Pregnancy and maternity discrimination Contents


Terms of Reference


Introduction - what’s the problem?

Discrimination is getting worse

A plan for action?

The need for scrutiny


Laws and protections for new and expectant mothers in the workplace

Rights for all employees and workers



BIS/EHRC research and follow-up

Key research findings

EHRC recommendations and Government response

1 Are greater protections required?

Rising discrimination and key concerns

Health and safety

Concerning findings

Worst-affected groups

Improving health and safety outcomes

Casual, agency and zero-hours workers

Different treatment

Are additional rights and protections needed for particular workers?

Redundancy and job loss

Rising redundancies and job losses during pregnancy and maternity

Are changes in the law needed?

The EU context

2 Improving access to information and encouraging a change in attitudes

Improving women’s access to information

How easy is it to access information now?

Getting the right information to women sooner

Accessing more focused advice

Improving employers’ access to information

Smaller businesses

The case for a single website

Encouraging a change in attitudes

The line manager effect

Leading the way forward

Carrots and sticks

3 Improving access to justice


Dealing with disputes

The role of tribunals

Tribunal fees

A barrier to justice?

The case for abolishing or reducing fees

Government review of the impact of tribunal fees

Tribunal time limits

Justice Committee recommendations on tribunals

Mind the enforcement gap

Access to one-to-one advice

EHRC recommendations and Government response

4 Enforcement and monitoring



The need for monitoring

EHRC recommendations and Government response

When can we expect to see positive results?

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex 1 - Terms of reference

Annex 2 - Portsmouth visit note


Discussion points

Workplace experiences

Accessing information

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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