The future of Jobcentre Plus Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

FJP numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

14Children (FJP0030)

2AchieveAbility (FJP0007)

3Action on Hearing Loss (FJP0026)

4Aspiedent CIC (FJP0063)

5Association of Employment and Learning Providers (FJP0037)

6Bright Sparks Consulting Ltd (FJP0088)

7British Psychological Society (FJP0025)

8Cardinal Hume Centre (FJP0090)

9Centrepoint (FJP0032)

10Child Poverty Action Group (FJP0035)

11Chwarae Teg (FJP0083)

12Citizens Advice (FJP0085)

13Citizens Advice Croydon (FJP0017)

14Citizens Advice Derbyshire Districts (FJP0070)

15Citizens Advice Scotland (FJP0066)

16Crisis (FJP0060)

17CSAN (Caritas Social Action Network) (FJP0038)

18Department for Work and Pensions (FJP0064)

19Department for Work and Pensions (FJP0075)

20Department for Work and Pensions (FJP0087)

21Disability Benefits Consortium (FJP0054)

22Disability Sheffield (FJP0059)

23Dyslexia Adult Network (DAN) (FJP0021)

24ENABLE Scotland (FJP0062)

25ERSA (FJP0045)

26Essex County Council (FJP0027)

27Forth Sector (FJP0012)

28Gingerbread (FJP0051)

29GIPSIL (FJP0039)

30Greater Manchester Combined Authority (FJP0016)

31Homeless Link (FJP0048)

32Inclusion London (FJP0022)

33Insitute of Employability Professionals (FJP0081)

34Joseph Rowntree Foundation (FJP0072)

35learndirect Limited (FJP0013)

36Learning and Work Institute (FJP0071)

37Leicester Red-Thread Limited (FJP0031)

38Leicester Red-Thread Limited (FJP0049)

39Liverpool City Region Employment and Skills Board (FJP0053)

40Local Government Association (FJP0056)

41London Councils (FJP0068)

42Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (FJP0077)

43Mark Peachey (FJP0002)

44Mental Wealth Foundation (FJP0034)

45Mind and RCPsych (FJP0067)

46Miss Ebere Ikerionwu (FJP0005)

47Money Advice Service (FJP0055)

48Mr Anthony Harris (FJP0046)

49Mr Mark Whiley (FJP0003)

50Name withheld (FJP0009)

51National Audit Office (FJP0076)

52National Deaf Children’s Society (FJP0023)

53Newcastle City Council (FJP0042)

54Newcastle City Council (FJP0074)

55Norse Group Ltd (FJP0084)

56North East Combined Authority (FJP0041)

57Oxfam Cymru (FJP0086)

58Parkinson’s UK (FJP0010)

59Plymouth City Council (FJP0020)

60Professor Daniel Finn (FJP0040)

61Professor Robert MacDonald (FJP0019)

62Public and Commercial Services Union (FJP0079)

63RBLI (FJP0006)

64Recruitment and Employment Confederation (FJP0078)

65Recruitment and Employment Confederation (FJP0089)

66Remploy (FJP0080)

67Revolving Doors Agency (FJP0058)

68Scope (FJP0069)

69Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (FJP0043)

70Serco (FJP0050)

71South Yorkshire Credit Union (FJP0029)

72The British Dyslexia Association (FJP0011)

73The Highland Council (FJP0024)

74The Intraining Group (FJP0044)

75The Lived Experiences of Welfare Reform Study (FJP0008)

76The National Autistic Society (FJP0052)

77The Prince’s Trust (FJP0028)

78The Salvation Army (FJP0018)

79Thurrock Coalition (FJP0057)

80Tinder Foundation (FJP0082)

81Tinder Foundation (FJP0093)

82Touchstone Consultancy (FJP0073)

83UK Council for Psychotherapy, British Psychological Society, British Psychoanalytic Council, British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (FJP0047)

84West Lindsey District Council, City of Lincoln Council, North Kesteven District Council (FJP0015)

85Working Links (FJP0061)

86Working Links (FJP0092)

87YMCA England (FJP0014)

88Young Women’s Trust (FJP0036)

7 November 2016