Child Maintenance Service Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

CHM numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Anonymous (CHM0016)

2Anonymous (CHM0001)

3Anonymous (CHM0002)

4Anonymous (CHM0003)

5Anonymous (CHM0005)

6Anonymous (CHM0006)

7Anonymous (CHM0007)

8Anonymous (CHM0008)

9Anonymous (CHM0009)

10Anonymous (CHM0010)

11Anonymous (CHM0011)

12Anonymous (CHM0012)

13Anonymous (CHM0013)

14Anonymous (CHM0014)

15Anonymous (CHM0015)

16Anonymous (CHM0017)

17Anonymous (CHM0019)

18Anonymous (CHM0020)

19Anonymous (CHM0021)

20Anonymous (CHM0022)

21Anonymous (CHM0023)

22Anonymous (CHM0024)

23Anonymous (CHM0026)

24Anonymous (CHM0027)

25Anonymous (CHM0028)

26Anonymous (CHM0031)

27Anonymous (CHM0034)

28Anonymous (CHM0035)

29Anonymous (CHM0036)

30Anonymous (CHM0037)

31Anonymous (CHM0038)

32Anonymous (CHM0039)

33Anonymous (CHM0040)

34Anonymous (CHM0041)

35Anonymous (CHM0042)

36Anonymous (CHM0043)

37Anonymous (CHM0044)

38Anonymous (CHM0045)

39Anonymous (CHM0046)

40Anonymous (CHM0047)

41Anonymous (CHM0048)

42Anonymous (CHM0049)

43Anonymous (CHM0050)

44Anonymous (CHM0051)

45Anonymous (CHM0053)

46Anonymous (CHM0055)

47Anonymous (CHM0057)

48Anonymous (CHM0058)

49Anonymous (CHM0060)

50Anonymous (CHM0061)

51Anonymous (CHM0062)

52Anonymous (CHM0063)

53Anonymous (CHM0064)

54Anonymous (CHM0066)

55Anonymous (CHM0070)

56Anonymous (CHM0071)

57Anonymous (CHM0074)

58Anonymous (CHM0076)

59Anonymous (CHM0078)

60Anonymous (CHM0082)

61Anonymous (CHM0085)

62Anonymous (CHM0086)

63Anonymous (CHM0087)

64Anonymous (CHM0088)

65Anonymous (CHM0091)

66Anonymous (CHM0092)

67Anonymous (CHM0093)

68Anonymous (CHM0094)

69Anonymous (CHM0096)

70Anonymous (CHM0097)

71Anonymous (CHM0099)

72Associate Professor Bruce Smyth (CHM0069)

73Bryson Purdon Social Research LLP (CHM0029)

74Child Poverty Action Group (CHM0072)

75Department for Work and Pensions (CHM0025)

76Department for Work and Pensions (CHM0103)

77Dr Caroline Lucas (CHM0075)

78Dr Christine Davies (CHM0079)

79Dr Christine Davies (CHM0098)

80Durham Legal Services UK (CHM0065)

81Families need fathers (CHM0105)

82Families Need Fathers (CHM0084)

83FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru (CHM0081)

84Gingerbread (CHM0090)

85Gingerbread (CHM0095)

86HMRC (CHM0104)

87Money Advice Service (CHM0083)

88Mothers’ Union (CHM0030)

89Mumsnet (CHM0080)

90Name Withheld (CHM0100)

91National Centre for Social Research (CHM0059)

92One Parent Families Scotland (CHM0089)

93PCS Union (CHM0018)

94Professor Gillian Douglas (CHM0033)

95Professor Stephen McKay (CHM0077)

96Reader in Social Policy Christine skinner (CHM0073)

97Three parents with care (CHM0102)

98Unnamed MP (CHM0101)

99Walthamstow Single Parents (CHM0067)

100Women’s Aid (CHM0056)

28 April 2017