Self-employment and the gig economy Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

SGE numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Advice NI (SGE0004)

2Aegon UK (SGE0023)

3Alex Prezanti (SGE0009)

4Association of Accounting Technicians (SGE0051)

5Association of British Insurers (SGE0028)

6Association of Consulting Actuaries (SGE0022)

7Broadcasting Entertainment Communications and Theatre Union (SGE0024)

8Citizen’s Advice (SGE0039)

9Department for Work and Pensions (SGE0038)

10Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) (SGE0018)

11Equity (SGE0036)

12Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (SGE0031)

13Harry Shutt (SGE0012)

14Hermes (SGE0042)

15IPSE (SGE0033)

16Jacqueline Winstanley (SGE0041)

17Joseph Rowntree Foundation (SGE0030)

18Kathryn Harrison (SGE0064)

19Law Centre NI (SGE0035)

20learndirect Ltd (SGE0015)

21Magenta Security Services Ltd (SGE0040)

22Marc Ramsden (SGE0065)

23Name withheld (SGE0054)

24Name withheld (SGE0044)

25Name withheld (SGE0045)

26Name withheld (SGE0046)

27Name withheld (SGE0048)

28Name withheld (SGE0053)

29Name withheld (SGE0055)

30Name withheld (SGE0056)

31Name withheld (SGE0057)

32Name withheld (SGE0058)

33Name withheld (SGE0059)

34Name withheld (SGE0060)

35Name withheld (SGE0061)

36Name withheld (SGE0063)

37Name withheld (SGE0066)

38Name withheld (SGE0067)

39Name withheld (SGE0068)

40Name withheld (SGE0071)

41Name withheld (SGE0050)

42Name withheld (SGE0052)

43Office of Tax Simplification (SGE0010)

44Paul Jones (SGE0069)

45PeoplePlus (SGE0019)

46Professor Melanie Jones (SGE0021)

47RSA and Crunch (SGE0062)

48Smart Pension (SGE0014)

49Social Market Foundation & Trust for London (SGE0026)

50The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (SGE0020)

51Time etc Limited (SGE0005)

52TUC (SGE0037)

53Uber (SGE0032)

54University of Hertfordshire (SGE0016)

55UPHD (SGE0043)

56VocaLink (SGE0027)

57Young Women’s Trust (SGE0017)

58Zurich (SGE0029)

29 April 2017