Business for Wednesday 01 May 2019





Oral Questions: International Development

12 noon

Oral Questions: Prime Minister


Urgent Questions, Ministerial Statements (if any)

No debate

Presentation of Bills

Up to 20 minutes

Ten Minute Rule Motion: Police Officer Training (Autism Awareness) (Ann Clwyd)

Until 7.00pm

Opposition Day (19th Allotted Day)

OP buttonEnvironment and climate change

Until 7.30pm or for half an hour

Adjournment Debate: Children’s funeral fund (Carolyn Harris)

Westminster Hall


District council finances


Effect on landowners of the proposed England Coastal Path

(The sitting will be suspended from 11.30am to 2.30pm.)


Facial recognition and the biometrics strategy


Contribution of the Jain community to the UK


Future international trade opportunities for the UK

Business Today: Chamber 

11.30am Prayers

Followed by


OP buttonOral Questions to the Secretary of State for International Development

1Mr Philip Dunne (Ludlow)
What steps she is taking to ensure that UK aid reaches its intended recipients in Venezuela. (910640)

2Tom Brake (Carshalton and Wallington)
What progress the Government has made in determining the future relationship of the UK and the EU on development co-operation. (910641)

3Craig Tracey (North Warwickshire)
What support her Department provides to help developing countries tackle climate change. (910642)

4Graham P Jones (Hyndburn)
What recent discussions her Department has had with representatives of Lima group countries on the UK's role in delivering aid and assistance to Venezuelans who have fled that country. (910643)

5Tim Loughton (East Worthing and Shoreham)
What support her Department provides to Tibetan cultural programmes for Tibetan refugees living outside China. (910645)

6Rebecca Pow (Taunton Deane)
What steps her Department is taking to tackle plastic pollution throughout the developing world. (910646)

7Sir Hugo Swire (East Devon)
What proportion of contracts her Department has awarded to UK companies in each of the last five years. (910647)

8Richard Burden (Birmingham, Northfield)
What assessment her Department has made of the effect of restricted humanitarian space on the work of NGOs in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. (910648)

9Karen Lee (Lincoln)
What recent assessment she has made of the humanitarian situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. (910649)

10Patricia Gibson (North Ayrshire and Arran)
What assessment the Government has made of the contribution of female human rights defenders to improving human rights for women in the Middle East. (910651)

11Lucy Powell (Manchester Central)
What steps her Department is taking to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. (910653)

12Huw Merriman (Bexhill and Battle)
What support her Department provides to help developing countries tackle climate change. (910654)

At 11.53am

OP buttonTopical Questions to the Secretary of State for International Development

T1Sir David Amess (Southend West)
If she will make a statement on her departmental responsibilities. (910655)

T2Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East) (910656)

T3Stephen Kerr (Stirling) (910658)

T4Patrick Grady (Glasgow North) (910659)

T5Tim Loughton (East Worthing and Shoreham) (910660)

T6Lucy Powell (Manchester Central) (910661)

T7Grahame Morris (Easington) (910662)

At 12 noon

OP buttonOral Questions to the Prime Minister

Q1 John Lamont (Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk)
If she will list her official engagements for Wednesday 1 May. (910625)

Q2 Dr Paul Williams (Stockton South) (910626)

Q3 Kevin Hollinrake (Thirsk and Malton) (910627)

Q4 Paul Masterton (East Renfrewshire) (910628)

Q5 Deidre Brock (Edinburgh North and Leith) (910629)

Q6 Marion Fellows (Motherwell and Wishaw) (910630)

Q7 Mr Jim Cunningham (Coventry South) (910632)

Q8 Charlie Elphicke (Dover) (910633)

Q9 Mr Stephen Hepburn (Jarrow) (910634)

Q10 Teresa Pearce (Erith and Thamesmead) (910635)

Q11 Sir Mark Hendrick (Preston) (910636)

Q12 David Linden (Glasgow East) (910637)

Q13 David T. C. Davies (Monmouth) (910638)

Q14 Liz McInnes (Heywood and Middleton) (910639)



OP buttonUrgent Questions (if any)

OP buttonMinisterial Statements (if any)


No debate (Standing Order No. 57)

OP buttonWild Animals in Circuses (No. 2)

Secretary Michael Gove

Bill to make provision to prohibit the use of wild animals in travelling circuses.


1. Police Officer Training (Autism Awareness): Ten Minute Rule Motion

Up to 20 minutes (Standing Order No. 23)

Ann Clwyd

That leave be given to bring in a Bill to require police forces to train police officers in autism awareness; and for connected purposes.


The Member moving and a Member opposing this Motion may each speak for up to 10 minutes.


Until 7.00pm (Standing Order No. 9(3))

OP buttonEnvironment and climate change

Jeremy Corbyn

Rebecca Long Bailey

Sue Hayman

Barry Gardiner

Valerie Vaz

Mr Nicholas Brown

That this House declares an environment and climate emergency following the finding of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change that to avoid a more than 1.5°C rise in global warming, global emissions would need to fall by around 45 per cent from 2010 levels by 2030, reaching net zero by around 2050; recognises the devastating impact that volatile and extreme weather will have on UK food production, water availability, public health and through flooding and wildfire damage; notes that the UK is currently missing almost all of its biodiversity targets, with an alarming trend in species decline, and that cuts of 50 per cent to the funding of Natural England are counterproductive to tackling those problems; calls on the Government to increase the ambition of the UK’s climate change targets under the Climate Change Act 2008 to achieve net zero emissions before 2050, to increase support for and set ambitious, short-term targets for the roll-out of renewable and low carbon energy and transport, and to move swiftly to capture economic opportunities and green jobs in the low carbon economy while managing risks for workers and communities currently reliant on carbon intensive sectors; and further calls on the Government to lay before the House within the next six months urgent proposals to restore the UK’s natural environment and to deliver a circular, zero waste economy.

Amendment (b)

Mr Chris Leslie

Heidi Allen

Angela Smith

Chuka Umunna

Mike Gapes

Mr Gavin Shuker

Anna SoubryDr Sarah WollastonLuciana BergerJoan RyanAnn Coffey

Line 1, leave out from “House” to end and add “believes that action against both climate change and rising carbon emissions will be significantly inhibited by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU given the urgent need for international and coordinated policy leadership with our nearest allies; is deeply concerned at the accelerating pace of global warming and the devastating impact on our natural world and catastrophic consequences for the future of human life on Earth that will follow as a consequence; endorses the overwhelming scientific consensus that humankind is driving the damage to our planet; notes with concern the potential for climate change to be a threat multiplier, driving conflict over ever more scarce resources; considers that humankind has a moral responsibility to confront the threat in this generation before the damage becomes irreversible; further notes that a whole-society effort is needed to do so, including an urgent expansion of renewable forms of energy generation, the restoration of our natural environment, a transition to a sustainable economy, and standards for carbon neutral new-build housing; believes that this should be achieved by working with industry to maintain economic growth and protect jobs and investment; and therefore declares a climate emergency, but also declares that Brexit in any form can only hamper efforts to tackle climate change by removing the UK’s voice from the decision-making table, and impede the international co-operation which is essential to mitigating what is a global threat.”.

Amendment (a)

Ian Blackford

Kirsty Blackman

Deidre Brock

John McNally

Drew Hendry

Patrick Grady

Hannah BardellMhairi BlackAlan BrownDr Lisa CameronDouglas ChapmanJoanna CherryRonnie CowanAngela CrawleyMartyn DayMartin Docherty-HughesMarion FellowsStephen GethinsPatricia GibsonPeter GrantNeil GrayStewart HosieChris LawDavid LindenAngus Brendan MacNeilStewart Malcolm McDonaldStuart C. McDonaldCarol MonaghanGavin NewlandsBrendan O’HaraTommy SheppardChris StephensAlison ThewlissDr Philippa WhitfordPete Wishart

At end add “; and supports and welcomes the declaration of a climate emergency by the First Minister of Scotland; notes the existing ambition of the Scottish Government for Scotland to become a carbon-neutral country by 2050; further welcomes the commitment to legislate on carbon emission reduction targets in line with advice from the Committee on Climate Change; and calls on the UK Government and the devolved administrations to set the best possible example in tackling the causes and effects of climate change at home and around the world.”.


The matter to be debated has been selected by the Leader of the Opposition (Standing Order No. 14(2)).


Until 7.30pm or for half an hour (whichever is later) (Standing Order No. 9(7))

OP buttonChildren’s funeral fund: Carolyn Harris

Business Today: Westminster Hall 


The first part of the sitting will last for two hours. The second part of the sitting will last for three hours (Standing Order No. 10(1)).


OP buttonThat this House has considered district council finances: Mark Pawsey


OP buttonThat this House has considered the effect on landowners of the proposed England Coastal Path: Gordon Henderson


The sitting will be suspended from 11.30am to 2.30pm.


OP buttonThat this House has considered facial recognition and the biometrics strategy: Darren Jones


OP buttonThat this House has considered the contribution of the Jain community to the UK: Gareth Thomas


OP buttonThat this House has considered future international trade opportunities for the UK: Craig Tracey


The second part of the sitting will be suspended and time added if divisions take place in the main Chamber (Standing Order No. 10(3)). The debate at 4.30pm will last for up to an hour.

Written Statements 


Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

1.Health and social care provider update

Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

2.Building safety update

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

3.Report under section 4 of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation and Exercise of Functions) Act 2018

Secretary of State for Transport

4.Heathrow Expansion


Texts of Written Statements are available from the Vote Office and on the internet at

Committees meeting today 

The decision of a Committee to sit in public may be changed without notice.

Delegated Legislation Committees 

OP buttonFirst Delegated Legislation Committee

To consider the Higher Education (Registration Fees) (England) Regulations 2019 (S.I., 2019, No. 543)

Room 9
2.30pm (public)

Select Committees 

OP buttonExiting the European Union

Subject: The progress of the UK’s negotiations on EU withdrawal

Witnesses: David Henig, Director, UK Trade Policy Project at European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE), Sam Lowe, Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform, Dr Pınar Artıran, WTO Chair Holder, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Istanbul Bilgi University, and Ruth Lea CBE, Economic Advisor, Arbuthnot Banking Group

The Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House
9.00am (private), 9.15am (public)

OP buttonEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs

Room 21
9.15am (private)

OP buttonNorthern Ireland Affairs

Subject: Tourism in Northern Ireland

Witnesses: Odhran Dunne, General Manager, Visit Derry, and Gerry Lennon, Chief Executive, Visit Belfast

Room 18
9.15am (private), 9.30am (public)

OP buttonTransport

Subject: Active travel

Witnesses: Mike Wilson, Chief Highways Engineer, and Richard Leonard, Head of Road Safety, Highways England; Jesse Norman MP, Minister of State, Guy Boulby, Head of Cycling and Walking, and Kevin Golding-Williams, Head of Cycling and Walking Policy, Department for Transport (at 10.15am)

Room 16
9.15am (private), 9.45am (public)

OP buttonWork and Pensions

Subject: Universal Credit: ‘natural’ migration

Witnesses: Alok Sharma MP, Minister of State for Employment, John-Paul Marks, Director General, Work and Health, and Neil Couling, Director General, Change Group, Department for Work and Pensions

Room 8
9.15am (private), 9.30am (public)

OP buttonEducation

Subject: Opportunity areas

Witnesses: Lauren Barnett, member, Norwich Opportunity Area Youth Board, Simon Carnall, member, Derby Opportunity Area Partnership Board, Graham Cowley, Chair, Blackpool Opportunity Area Partnership Board, Clare Hutchinson, member, Oldham and Bradford Opportunity Areas Partnership Boards, Duncan Jacques, member, Bradford Opportunity Area Partnership Board, Dr Fiona McMillan, Chair, West Somerset Opportunity Area Partnership Board, Chris Starkie, member, Norwich and Ipswich Opportunity Areas Partnership Boards, and Nicola Swaney, member, Derby Opportunity Area Partnership Board

Room 15
9.30am (private), 10.00am (public)

OP buttonHealth and Social Care

Subject: NHS Long-term Plan: legislative proposals

Witnesses: Christian Dingwall, Partner, Browne Jacobson LLP, Sharon Lamb, Partner, McDermott Will and Emery, and David Lock, Landmark Chambers; Charlotte Augst, Chief Executive, National Voices, Sir Robert Francis, Chair, Healthwatch, Professor Jo Pritchard, Consultant - Health and Social Care, Social Enterprise UK, and Beth Capper, Head of Programmes, Richmond Group (at 10.20am)

The Grimond Room, Portcullis House
9.30am (private), 9.40am (public)

OP buttonHigh Speed Rail (West Midlands - Crewe) Bill

Subject: High Speed Rail (West Midlands - Crewe) Bill

Witnesses: AP2: 61 Colwich Parish Council - Petitioners, AP2: 57 Stafford Borough Council - Petitioner, AP2: 40 Maximus Straetgic Stafford - Petitioner, AP2: 77 Brandon Muir and Williams families, etc - Petitioners, and AP2: 9 Hopton and Coton Parish Council - Petitioners

Room 5
9.30am (public)

OP buttonWomen and Equalities

Subject: Health and social care and LGBT communities

Witnesses: Professor Carrie Llewellyn, Professor of Applied Behavioural Medicine, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Wendy Irwin, Diversity and Equalities Coordinator, Royal College of Nursing, Dr Duncan Shrewsbury, Local medical director, Practice Plus Brighton, and Sophie Meagher, Policy Officer, LGBT Foundation

The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House
9.30am (private), 10.00am (public)

OP buttonHousing, Communities and Local Government

Room 7
9.45am (private)

OP buttonInternational Trade

Subject: UK investment policy

Witnesses: Dr David Collins, Professor of International Economic Law, City, University of London, Ruth Bergan, Coordinator, Trade Justice Movement, and Pia Eberhardt, Researcher and campaigner, Corporate Europe Observatory; Stephen Adams, Senior Director, Global Counsel, Jack Knight, Deputy Chief Executive, Investment Association, and Jonathan Geldart, Regional Chair for Yorkshire and Humber, Institute of Directors (at 11.00am)

The Wilson Room, Portcullis House
9.45am (private), 10.00am (public)

OP buttonScottish Affairs

Subject: Access to Financial Services

Witnesses: Chris Hemsley, Co-Managing Director, Payment Systems Regulator, Matthew Cherry, Chief Economist Payment Systems Regulator, Dave Pickering, Chief Executive, Lending Standards Board, and Liz Thompson, Head of Compliance, LSB

Room 6
10.00am (private), 10.15am (public)

OP buttonEuropean Scrutiny

Room 19
1.45pm (private)

OP buttonAdministration

Room 18
2.00pm (private)

OP buttonPublic Accounts

Subject: Submarine defueling and dismantling

Witnesses: David Goldstone, Chief Operating Officer, Rear Admiral Tim Hodgson, Defence Nuclear Organisation Sub Cap Director, Ministry of Defence, Ian Booth, Chief Executive, Submarine Delivery Agency, and Archie Bethel, Chief Executive, Babcock International Group

Room 8
2.00pm (private), 2.30pm (public)

OP buttonTreasury

Subject: The work of the Court of the Bank of England

Witnesses: Bradley Fried, Chair of Court of the Bank of England, Dorothy Thompson, Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee, and Diana Mary Hardy, Chair of the Remuneration Committee, Court of Directors, Bank of England

The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House
2.00pm (private), 2.15pm (public)

OP buttonLiaison

Subject: Evidence from the Prime Minister: Brexit

Witnesses: Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister

The Grimond Room, Portcullis House
2.40pm (private), 3.00pm (public)

OP buttonStatutory Instruments

Room 7
As soon as convenient after 3.45pm (private)

OP buttonSelection

Room 13
4.30pm (private)

Joint Committees 

OP buttonHuman Rights

Subject: Democracy, free speech and freedom of association

Witnesses: Rebecca Stimson, UK Head of Public Policy and Katy Minshall, Head of UK Government, Public Policy and Philanthropy, Twitter

Room 1
3.00pm (private), 3.15pm (public)

OP buttonStatutory Instruments

Room 7
3.45pm (private)

Committee reports published today 

housing, communities and local government 

OP button14th Report: Funding of local authorities’ children’s services, HC 1638
Time of publication:

public accounts 

OP button93rd Report: Disclosure and Barring Service: progress review, HC 2006
Time of publication:

work and pensions 

OP button26th Report: Universal Credit: tests for managed migration, HC 2091
Time of publication: