Agriculture Bill

Written evidence submitted by John Greenshields (AB01)

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please see below my own brief comments on the bill:

There must be a focus on agricultural food production. Fairness in the food chain must be enforced.

I would also like to see the Government supporting agrochemicals to protect products and therefore the consumer. There is a public perception that these chemicals are bad for health but this is simply incorrect and not science based, or seen through skewed studies.

The Government should also be looking to make best used of our island status to eradicate disease such as TB. To improve agriculture, profits, wildlife populations and also the human population.

There will be no benefit to the environment if agriculture is not profitable. Real benefits will only be realised once the farming industry is in a positive cycle.

It is vital that regulation truly is stepped back for a number of reasons:

Competition – British farmers will not be competitive on a global market where over the top regulation which doesn’t actually improve the already high standards of welfare and safety. I understand the movement away from direct payments to improve innovation but the strangling regulations must be removed.

If there are no direct payments then the public (unfortunately now very ignorant of the agricultural industry) cannot dictate processes.

Less Public spend on inspectors and bureaucratic processes

A noticeable amount of regulation doesn’t actually achieve anything and can in some cases be counterproductive.

Yours faithfully,


October 2018


Prepared 24th October 2018