Agriculture Bill

Written evidence submitted by Kathy Keeley (AB03)

I think this needs to be coupled with checks and controls on

· Environmental management. With areas set aside for forestry, marshland, waterways, coastal areas and the animals and people that use them

· Biodiversity. Including low yielding varieties of animals and plants which tend to be hardier and less demanding on the environment

· Marketing. Including food processing industries, economics, shops and packaging of food so that you don't get buyers delaying the purchase of fresh foods until they are ridiculously low priced and sold out of desperation and so people in towns and cities receive fresh food

· Transport. Of food and animals so that things are delivered in a timely manner and animals (and drivers) are not stressed during transport

· Food chains. Including correct nutrition of animals so that they get the right food for their needs, particularly during pregnancy and for lactating mothers

· Textile industry. Including the processing of leather, wool and other textiles that are plant based

· Control of substances hazardous to health. With correct information on dosing rates so that herbicides and pesticides are not leaked into waterways destroying the wildlife there

· Universities and colleges. Which provide up to date research and can monitor changes in environment (natural, man made and economic)

· Farm diversification. So that there are other activities in rural areas as well as agriculture (including village pubs, post offices and shops and the arts) 

· Charities with aims that support rural interests, including animal welfare charities (possibly through the Charities Commission)

· Trade and immigration. So that foodstuffs imported from businesses abroad have access to UK markets but are monitored so that they don't destroy the local economy

I think this bill should be part of a co-ordinated government strategy which includes a variety of governmental departments

Yours sincerely

Kathy Keeley

BSc (Hons) Agriculture (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1999)

October 2018


Prepared 24th October 2018