Agriculture Bill

Written evidence submitted by Dawn Grocock (AB07)

Dear sir / madam,

I believe the upcoming agricultural bill could allow for increases in public access, especially for horse riders and carriage drivers. The current public rights of way network is very fragmented and segregated by busy roads. Its original historical purpose is also often a barrier to safe recreation for horse riders especially, who want both short and long circular, wide, natural surface, off road routes. The rights of way improvement plan (rowip) was designed to address the issues, but without money, council staff and the willingness of landowners to provide new routes little has changed.

The increase in developments and sat nav use has made country lanes more and more dangerous and busy in the last few years, with motorists having little regard for horse riders and safe speed and distances to pass. However, developments can only provide additional routes within the site, therefore a joined up approach is needed.

Ideally money could help farmers and landowners divert cross arable field paths to headlands and sort out anomalies in exchange for the dedication of additional routes. Also bring back and increasing incentives for permissive bridleways and restricted byways, especially where these can link in with neighbours to provide a useful network for all.

Kind regards

Dawn Grocock

October 2018


Prepared 24th October 2018