Agriculture Bill

Written evidence submitted by Brian Worrell (AB24)

I suggest financial assistance is provided to incentivise landowners to improve access to the countryside as part of the Agricultural Bill (Part 1, Section (1) (b), specifically used to improve the Rights of Way network.  The Rights of Way network is increasingly fragmented by road schemes adding to the existing anomalies, dead ends and gaps.  The county Rights of Way departments produce Rights of Way Improvement Plans (RoWIP) which are difficult to implement, even though volunteers work unpaid, usually without expenses, because of the lack of funding.  In many cases a landowner is hesitant about granting access or improving/ creating/upgrading a right of way across their land due to the cost involved.  In addition, many existing routes are not maintained because of cost.

I have been a walker, horse rider and horse carriage driver for many years and enjoy the countryside and it keeps me fit and healthy in body and mind.  I know several farmers and I suggest if they could be incentivised to work with the county Rights of Way departments on implementing the RoWIP in each county, many of the issues of access to the countryside will be overcome.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment and I look forward to a positive outcome in the Agricultural Bill.

Best regards

Brian Worrell

October 2018


Prepared 25th October 2018