Civil Liability

Written evidence submitted by Joanne Ali (CLB01)

Re Part 1

Lord Young confirmed there is 'no compensation culture in UK'. Government own CRU figures of registered claims show injury claims reducing year on year. Government using inaccurate ABI supplied data which is flawed as basis for making changes.

There is no legal or logical basis for stating a soft tissue injury to a motorcyclist is so different to a soft tissue injury to a child passenger that one should receive fixed low damages and no entitlement to legal costs and the other higher damages and full recoverability of legal costs. This would be the law per proposals.

The 'benefit' of the proposals is said to be a reduction in insurance premiums. This is illogical for passenger claimants who have no insurance policies to be considered.

There is NO cap on insurance premiums chargeable (which could be imposed per energy prices cap). My own premium renewal this year quoted me £563. On calling the same insurer and seeking a reduction reduced to £367. Clear insurer pricing designed to maximise profits and not related to true cost of cover. The Government promise to review and changes in prices per reforms have been promised to be delivered by 2025.Too long a period to allow as significant chance many other factors within 5 years affect prices.

Damages should be set by judges/judicial college who have legal training and expertise, not the Lord Chancellor.

NHS to lose millions in revenue as do CRU. Impact assessment regarding these not mentioned at all in Government putting forward proposals.

Access to justice will be severely hampered to those without IT literacy, language difficulties and vulnerable individuals such as children who will be unable to navigate an IT portal. 

Small claims limit rise to £5000 without explanation as to how figure calculated. Inflatory rise suggest £1500 more appropriate.

Justice Committee reconfirm this and all other issues in full.

Without Justice Committee recommendations being fully investigated legislation currently unfit for purpose.


Joanne Ali

September 2018


Prepared 11th September 2018