Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Bill [Lords]

Written evidence submitted by Allyson Spicer (HPTRB01)

Dear Sirs

I’m not sure if my comments would be covered, but with regards to the granting of haulage permits, I live in a rural location, very near to where a haulage Company operates, yet we are not included within the catchment area to request comments from our LPA.

I understand the need for haulage companies, yet the roads used are often width restricted in our area, but these large vehicles still drive up and through, and only recently a very well known company delivering to the same location, the driver failed to comprehend the multitude of Road Closed or Access Only signs and drove through our conservation area village to reach a complete stop, and had no alternative but to reverse.

Local residents are directly affected by these large vehicles, and as far back as 1995 we were promised that our roads would be declassified to stop such vehicles accessing, and yet nothing has happened.  

Every time we have road traffic delays or accidents on our strategic road network, these huge lorries take to our rural roads to circumvent the delays, but cause unnecessary blockages, and cause even bigger disruption locally.

Haulage permits should dictate that they are issued with proviso that they should not deviate from route, and that unless their destination is in a village, they should stick to the major artery’s.

I also think that more should be done to stop the now widespread use of non motorway  lay-bys for use as truck stops.  We should encourage the building of small areas to be used by overnight rest areas, but on or near the main roads, as we often find large lorries almost abandoned in places for weeks at a time, or the footways used for bbqs and no facilitiy toilet useage, to the detriment of local people.

We often find multiple large vehicles using our local lay-bys for overnight parking, and thereby denying the normal motorist any safe area in case of vehicle or passenger emergency.

Yours faithfully

Mrs A Spicer

May 2018


Prepared 21st May 2018