Ivory Bill

Written evidence submitted by Rosemary Lunn (IVB01)

Dear Sirs

I would like legislation put in place to protect historic ivory
collections, ie pre 1947, from being wantonly destroyed.

Prince William has stated on a number of occasions that when he is King,
he will destroy the Royal Ivory collection. This will be an act of art
vandalism and will achieve nothing.

I understand his relevant concern about ivory trading however the Royal
Collection came into being when it was considered perfectly acceptable
to hunt and kill elephant for their ivory. If this collection is
destroyed we will lose some significant ivory art and the elephants will
have died in vain. Nothing will bring the elephants back that died for
this collection.

I would therefore like to see the Royal collection and other historic
ivory collections being actively protected.

I do not advocate elephants should be killed for their ivory. But I also
see no merit in destroying historic art either.

Yours faithfully
- Rosemary E Lunn

June 2018


Prepared 11th June 2018