Ivory Bill

Written evidence submitted by Catherine Harris (IVB02)

I submit this as an interested member of the public.

My name is Catherine Harris and I have a great interest in the protection of all animals on the planet not just those in the UK.

I have many times over the years seen news reports, documentaries and online information some with very upsetting video's of unacceptable cruelty to animals in the hope of getting rich from their bodies.

The sanctuaries in Africa are growing daily with baby elephants whose mothers, siblings and aunts have been murdered for their tusks.

Elephants are very social animals and it has been said they cry real tears, they grieve and this has been witnessed even by our very own David Attenborough and his team when making documentaries for UK tv.

As a country we are suitably rich to be able to take a lead on issues of animal welfare and we are reknown all over the world for our love of animals expecially our domestic pets with millions of families having either a cat or dog and spending billions yearly on their upkeep.

Having said that now we have the chance to make a difference to these poor creatures who in their family groups can be described very much similar in how we ourselves live in family groups, in particular how the females are the ones that always take the lead in the rearing of the young, just the same as the human race in most instances but not completely. However in the wild where these animals are, once the females are lost the young will die if not rescued unlike our children who have the state to protect them.

I ask the committee to take this wonderful opportunity to bring in laws to stop the sale and import or export of all ivory in this country, a small step in a very large world but a significant step in the saving of creatures that do not deserve to be wiped out for profit, but to make way for a world where the people of the whole world can take the opportunity to visit these wonderful places in safety to stare in awe at these creatures and others, who can and will provide an income via protection for villages and towns in very poor areas.

Aficia in some areas is very rich but in the remote villages poverty is a everyday thing and life is very hard, we as a rich nation could help these people by just bringing in laws that protect their wildlife just as we protect our own.

An animal is not a sellable commodity, it is like us a creature with feelings and the capacity to love, it also has the capacity to fear and feel pain, imagine the fear when they are attacked by poachers on an industrial scale where whole herds are wiped out only for the babies to be left stunned and unprotected in the wild where lions and other predators roam. We have a chance to help to stop the poaching by being a country that says NO, no more will we accept the goods from acts of incredible cruelty, no more shall we see ivory as a currency to promote profit for the rich.

We have recently witnessed the death and extinction of the Northern White Rhino let us stop this ever happening again.

Mrs Catherine Harris

June 2018


Prepared 11th June 2018