Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Dudley Newiss (OWB03)

I object to this Bill giving the Government the power to ban 0.50 calibre rifles, Mars rifles and Lever Release rifles for the following reason : -

1. 0.50 calibre rifles are huge weapons which also cost a great deal – about £7000.  They haven’t featured in crime so why ban them.  The favoured weapons used by jihadists etc are the small carbines smuggled in from Eastern Europe such as derivatives of the Kalashnikov AK47.  I don’t  personally own a 0.50 calibre but there must be those who enjoy shooting them on long ranges.  There are a couple of ranges in the North West of which I am aware.

2. Lever Release rifles are not a rapid fire machine gun type of firearm because when the rifle is pointed towards the actual target, using the lever release to load takes the gun off aim and then you have to realign it with the target. I have one and can vouch for this.  The proposals are unfair to the individual shooter who has to have an impeccable record to own firearms and unfair to manufacturers as the proposed legislation will adversely affect their businesses. As in clause 1, they aren’t used in crime.

3. I don't own a MARS rifle but the comments in paragraph 2 apply to the Mars rifle which uses a trigger pull to load and the second trigger pull to fire. The MARS rifle also hasn’t been used in crime.

4. We have a great problem in this country with crime and directing resources to the detriment of law-abiding shooters will take The Police off real crime and waste resources in punishing the upright Shooting Fraternity. 

5. The above three categories of firearm haven’t featured in crime.  They aren’t available on the black market – only to people who pass the Police scrutiny required by law. The Police check for possession on each firearm certificate renewal and loss of a gun might well cause the certificate to be revoked

6. The favoured weapons at present appear to be knives, road vehicles and chemicals.  They seem to be involved in most outrageous attacks on people.  The Home Office should place police emphasis on these which are usually  in the possession of criminals – I don’t carry a knife or acid and I try to drive carefully.

7. The proposed legislation would give the Home Office clear authority to ban guns category by category without recourse to appeal from the Shooting Fraternity by moving them into section 5.

8. To reduce crime, efforts should be made to reduce all crime and then acid attacks etc will reduce.

9. The Home Office likes anti- law abiding citizen legislation as upright citizens are easier for the Police to prosecute.

Dudley Newiss

1 July 2018


Prepared 4th July 2018