Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Mr Rikki Wells (OWB05)

I am just wondering why our government think that terrorists would break into a law abiding gun owners home to steal a .50 rifle when it is bulky, heavy, long and is not all that accurate, as for ammo there is only normal target ammo allowed to be bought by sport shooters for the .50, as other types of ammo are unpredictable, banned and not made for sporting shoots, these rifles are already heavily regulated and can only be bought if you are a member of the .50 club, but also invited to a shoot. There has not been any record of a .50 being used in a crime within the U.K, and it is highly unlikely they ever will be.

Why is the government hindering the disabled shooting community of this country because they believe the Mars and Lever Release rifles are a danger, there has been no such crimes made with these two sporting rifles and they are not in anyway as semi auto like there full select versions that can be obtained from the black marked on the dark web, and they operate differently with single pulls of the trigger for semi single shot, or pulling the trigger once and shooting two or three rounds at a time from that single trigger pull and holding the trigger back for full auto that empties the hole mag, the lever and mars rifles come nowhere close to the rates of fires that full select rifles do.

All these bans are once again the government wanting to ban legal sporting firearms as its easier then solving the root problems of domestic or foreign terrorists and criminals, so instead we as the easy targets or obtaining actual facts that legal gun owners are not the issue or problem, then and only then can we as a country move on to finding out the root issues behind all of the real reasons.

Thank you

Mr R Wells

Law abiding sporting firearms owner since I was 18 and shot in the sea cadets from the age of 14.

1 July 2018


Prepared 4th July 2018