Offensive Weapons Bill

Further written evidence submitted by Andrew Stevens, Antique Swords UK/EU (OWB134)

What about antique swords? You do not even mention them. These have NEVER been used in crime.

What you are doing means the death of my business; with respect, the legislation as proposed is an ass.

With respect, re-enactment swords, which you say there is a defense for, are far more dangerous and likely to be used in crime than the antique swords I and others sell.

If you go ahead with the act as is, you will force me out of business, period.

Will the government then compensate me?

Most of my sales are overseas, so you are also damaging exports.

This is a ridiculous act as is and the government should be ashamed of themselves.

While it is important to prevent knife and acid crimes, 100%, you are using a broad brush blindly to afflict an industry that is NOT part of the problem.

You are splattering your generic paint over everything outside the legitimate target area.

You are putting me out of business and afflicting my family for NOTHING.

In amazement and disgust.

Andrew Stevens

August 2018


Prepared 13th August 2018