Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Brian Jones (OWB137)


I write to protest about the whole idea of this Bill.

Firstly it is based on ignorance and emotion, not fact.

Corrosive substances are in every car battery, legislation on sales is pointless. Knives are everywhere and the stupidity of a learned judge who said that kitchen knives should be sold with rounded ends beggars belief. Had he never seen a grindstone? It is the use that must be dealt with. I believe there was a recent case where a prisoner was stabbed to death in Wandsworth Prison! There have always been knives but I am old enough to remember when policemen did not wear anti-stab vests. I notice there is no attempt to prohibit the hiring of vans which have been used as deadly weapons.

I could go on. This Bill, like the handgun ban, being based on ignorance and emotion.

As far as firearms are concerned, and I have been a shooter for more than 60 years, we must have facts, not rumour, to justify any more restrictions on rifles. Rifles are not used in crime as banned handguns are. The terrorist weapons used in Ulster were illegal military imports. Production of the AK47 is believed to be about 100 million. The perpetrators at Hungerford and Dunblane were not shooting club members and available information indicates that they should never have been issued fireams licences.

Let us have facts not an attempt to show that "Something is being done!" to enable the originators to retire or leave office leaving an old and venerable sport in ruins.

Yours faithfully

Brian Jones

August 2018


Prepared 13th August 2018