Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Bob Sweet (OWB138)


I wish to register my deep concern over some parts of this Bill.

1/ The proposal to ban the lawful possession of certain high powered rifles is not based on evidence.

The police claim to have ‘intelligence’ that criminals are trying to smuggle such firearms into this country and that may be so but it has no bearing on law abiding British subjects using them for target shooting sports under the U.K.’s very strict firearms licencing regulations.

2/ Please consider how often such rifles (legally held) have been used in violent crimes in this country.

If as I suspect the answer is never then I must ask what this Bill is designed to achieve.

3/ Since 1997 when the legal possession of cartridge pistols was ‘banned’ what affect has it had on pistols being used in violent crime?

4/ On the subject of bladed weapons within the home, what exemptions will be made for the collectors of swords or bayonets kept as an accessory to a lawfully held military style rifle?

5/ Please be aware that the shooting sports are enjoyed by many thousands of the most law abiding people in the country who will view this as yet another attack upon their sport.


Robert Sweet (firearm certificate holder).

August 2018


Prepared 13th August 2018