Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Griffin Battery Centres (OWB146)

I am writing with regards to the proposed bill coming before the committee that propose to classify Acid as an offensive weapon, as a company that has been trading for 36 year I would like to make the following representation.

1) Although battery acid does not consist of 100% sulphuric acid the strength of it at over 35% still represents a risk to anyone not used to handling it.

2) If thrown or used in an aggressive manner than it can be particularly harmful if aimed at the face, and will cause discomfort when it comes into contact with the skin.

3) With the new legislation that came into effect from the 1st July 2018 making it illegal for people to sell or supply batteries with acid packs without the recipient holding an EPP licence, the proposed legislation before the committee seems to be the next sensible step forward in reducing the capacity of people with harmful intent to acquire the acid to carry out their devastating attacks.

4) I believe the legislation should only cover wet liquid batteries and that VRLA/ AMG batteries should be exempt from this proposed legislation as they contain very little acid in a liquid form.

There are large numbers of Wet /Acid batteries being dispatched and delivered to residential address every day on line, I believe the committee needs to ensure that the proposed legislation as it is currently being proposed goes ahead and that sale and delivery of wet batteries is without the necessary proof of identification and age goes ahead.

I would like to point out that we as company have in the past delivered wet to residential addresses, however with the increases in Acid attacks and the legislation that came into effect on the 1st July we have made the decision that we will no longer dispatch wet Acid batteries, whilst this will have some commercial impact, with our experience of dispatching wet batteries for over 9 years we have come to the conclusion that wet batteries containing wet liquid acid is one of those products that should not be sold on line.

If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Martin J Griffin
Chief Executive
Griffin Battery Centres/ Combat Alexander

August 2018


Prepared 30th August 2018