Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Cate Tuitt (OWB157)


Public bill committee, House of Parliament,



From research ; I submit that

All high calibre hand guns remain banned , from private use. All hand guns remained banned unless licensed.

Background checks on people who apply for hand guns , undertaken by the Home office .

Psychological and or psychatric testing carried out by a registered Home office or General medical council qualified professional.

Mental health regular checks. Check for Far right or racist or facist ideology before any gun license granted.

Forensic psychologists can interview an review applicants for gun license, or intially a GP.

The Crown prosecution service also has a role in breaches of the law and prosecution guidance on gun crime and acid attacks.

22 semi-auto rifles should be included in the bill to be banned.

As should semi-auto shotguns

Air pellet guns should go back under the firearms law, not anti-social behaviour law as they are at present.

Reclassification does not show the full extent of the crimes we are at risk of and occuring as I write this email, on London's streets.


Britain's class division has meant those who used guns for shooting grouse and birds and pheasants in the Country mansions estates, and higher ranks were allowed to continue using rifles, whilst those urban citizens who were perchieved of a different class and seen as working class background , whether black or asian or chinese and other ethnic groups were usually the gun owners and they were less countryside based and more urban , so the gun lobby did not protest to them losing the private hand guns, after Dunblane school killings.

I agree that parliament should ban US-type ‘bump-firing stocks’as London streets are not safe.

Also there are now more sensible suggestions in regard to restricting the online sale of knives. They should not be sent in the post. Online sales should not be permitted.

Guns are being used daily in London for robberies, and gang rapes and murders and killing and extortion and mobile phone robbery, drugs sellers and other crimes in London.

Even femicide and domestic violence. Mainly of Women and children.

I agree you should Ban high muzzle energy rifles 50" BMG and above - a proposed 10,000 ft.lbs. limit) and a limited number of rifles which are deemed to be 'rapid-firing', such as VZ58 MARS.

Ban Fifty Calibre Shooters Association, there is evidence to justify a ban on both types of firearm.

The Home Office has evidence, intelligence concerns. A National Crime Agency employee should watch 50 BMG rifles armour piercing bullets, which are already banned for civilian use in the UK. They should remain banned.

The Offensive Weapons Bill received its Second Reading on the 27th June, the debate included some support by MP's to my horror

The Government must recognise firearms, evidence shows there is a serious risk by firearms. on the streets of London.

This is insupportable by Members of the British parliament. They must robustly stop oppose the government plans for these weapons.

Caution that lack of evidence was repeatedly raised, along with a need to examine any forthcoming evidence at the Committee stage. So ensure you get the evidence robust for your debate. As you know during the debate in parliament MP's said;

"Two MP's mentioned the post Dunblane pistol ban as an example of a ban that had not worked.

However those crimes are rare , and the fact is stringent safeguards must be in place to ensure hand guns do not get into the wrong hands. As you know in the UK, on 17th of December 1997, the firearms (Amendment) (No 2) Act 1997 came into force. Twenty one years later, we have to ensure stringent robust laws are maintained and enforced and strengthened.

Also one disabled ex-police constituent called the proposed ban a ‘tokenistic response disproportionate to the risk’.

This can be challenged as it is a proportionate response to the gun crimes , and the intelligence lead evidence from security services

Two MPs favoured enhanced security as a proportionate response to any risk. One MP expressed concern that the shooting community was losing its faith in the Government."

The Home Secretary did give the following assurance:

"The Bill does make some changes in relation to high-energy rifles and other such weapons. We based those measures on evidence that we received from intelligence sources, police and other security experts. That said, I know that my hon. Friend and other colleagues have expertise, and evidence that they too wish to provide. I can give my hon. Friend an absolute assurance that I am ready to listen to him and others, and to set their evidence against the evidence that we have received."

Other matters include:

obsolete cartridge firearms

compensation and

look once again look at deactivation standards.


3D printing of guns and Guns on the dark web being sold in the UK are untraceable.

Also the fact that a lot of Eastern European guns are being transported in to London/UK.

The government need to get a grip on the Border controls and ports, to detect these weapons.

Also private courier companies are bringing in guns and knifes.


I believe that the legislation does not go far enough and that directed energy weapons, should be included.

These can kill and maim are extremely deadly and could be used on drones , illegally flying around London.

I have undertaken research in this area. These weapons are currently being used in London , and the police when I have reported it to them, as I was asked to assist a victim, The police did not understand what the weapon was. As it may be due to they are mainly known in the army. The did not know what to charge or investigate.

I explained that ABH and offences against the person was the charge, but they looked confused and did not act.

So please amend the bill and include direct energy weapons as a offensive weapon..


I am pleased with the sentencing on acid. It must be made tougher. Life imprisonment.

Ive personally felt threatened! I am deeply concerned that the recent spate of acid attacks in East London will continue of you don't control the sales and register all shops selling it and ensure that a local council license is issued before they can sell.

Shop keepers selling acid, without checking the ID a Driving license or passport must be fined a high level to deter.

Education as well as punishment and fines and penalties must be in place to curb this crime.

Poisons Act 1972

Corrosive substances fines should be heavy. Sentencing guildelines should set a minimum tariff of imprisonment for life.


MP's must end these Ebay companies selling acid.

As you and your staff in parliament know, you can Check the data , to get a more accurate picture of how many guns are on the London streets/UK.

Scientific evidence on gun residue etc etc ballistics at incidents of crime.

All the best

Yours sincerely

Ms. Cate Tuitt LLB hons

Dip Forensic Science

August 2018


Prepared 30th August 2018