Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Nick Wright (OWB16)

I would appreciate you taking this email as written evidence on the subject of the Offensive Weapons Bill.

Whilst I appreciate your efforts to prevent knife crime etc, I can only that this Bill will adversely effect law abiding people who would never consider committing such a crime.

My fellow collectors and I collect and research antique swords and firearms (predominantly flintlock and early percussion). These artefacts cover many centuries and give us the opportunity to actually handle items that built our history. Some are even works of art and to be able to share the history of such items with fellow collectors, museums and the public is hugely positive. 

Banning/ restricting the online sales of such items will do nothing but damage a hugely rewarding hobby that gives so much back to so many people. 

If your evidence suggests that knife crime is caused by antique swords and the like and not the typical blades found in most kitchens, then I stand corrected and my email is flawed, but if not, please consider the devastating impact these new restrictions will have on us law abiding folk.

Happy to discuss further.

Kindest regards

Nick Wright

4 July 2018


Prepared 4th July 2018