Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Ian Menzies on the Offensive Weapons Bill (OWB170)

My interest in this bill is because I am a legal firearm owner and a law-abiding citizen.

1 gun crime.

I am very disappointed that certain members of this committee are using this bill as an opportunity to remove and prohibit rifles from the law-abiding gun community. These same people are trying to say there is a link between criminals and legal gun owners, there is no evidence of this. There is no evidence that criminals and terrorists would want to find and steal these rifles from the gun community.

The firearm of choice for drug dealing gang members is the handgun not rifles or shotguns. Handguns and ammunition seem to be freely available to criminals on the black market. Terrorists weapon of choice at the moment is a lorry, van, car, or homemade bomb. Banning objects that criminals might use as weapons will not work because there are too many of them around, gun, car, acid, knife, hammer, iron bar, the list is very long.

Handguns were banned and confiscated from legal owners after the 1996 Dunblane Tragedy at the cost of more than £150 million, criminals have had no problem obtaining handguns and ammunition on the black market since that time and using them to kill and maim their victims.


It’s the criminals that are the problem not the object they choose to use as a weapon. The current crime wave is mainly due to:

· A weak and dysfunctional criminal justice system.

· A lack of investment in the police service, the prison service and the border agency over the last 20 years has led to a perfect storm of crime.

Not securing our borders has allowed drugs, guns, criminals and terrorists into the country. Lack of police on the streets has encouraged violent crime. Lack of prison capacity has deterred judges from giving custodial sentences and let violent criminals out early to reoffend.

The government needs to focus their efforts on locking up violent criminals and leave the law-abiding gun owners alone.

September 2018


Prepared 10th September 2018