Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Simon Pamment (OWB193)

Re NC22: To allow conviction of a person possessing components for ammunition manufacture

This clause would appear to prohibit home loading of ammunition. As a shooter 70% of all ammunition I fire is home loaded. For many calibres the cost of reloading is more expensive than buying commercially made ammunition. I home load because the ammunition I make is more consistent and accurate. The case length can be optimised to the firearm, rounds can be depowered for shorter distances (to hole a paper target at 200/300 yards does not require the power to kill a fox or deer at the same distance). Heavier than standard heads retains stability at distance improving accuracy; my .223 using standard commercial rounds often has the bullets going through the target at 400 yards sideways (tumbling), but my home loads using heavy heads are going through straight at 600 yards and far more accurate (less affected by cross winds). For firearms of obsolete calibres, as the ammunition is no longer made home loading is the only way to continue their use. The martini henry is one such rifle.

Buying / collecting inert ammunition would be illegal and collecting up and compensating those with collections would be almost impossible and very expensive. Even having a empty fired case would be an offence under this clause.

September 2018


Prepared 12th September 2018