Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Ron Comben (OWB194)

Clause NC22 of the suggested Amendments seems illogical when applied to firearm certificate holders – we can hold ammunition legally up to the amount specified on our certificate so why should holding cases, powder, bullets be a danger to the public?

Also, and of very specific worry, NOT ALL CALIBRES OF AMMUNITION can be purchased – I possess a target rifle I the Australian calibre .22/.303 – this is commonly known as a "Wildcat" as NO FACTORY AMMUNITION is available.

Should this amendment go through as stated my, and many other, rifles become useless immediately, again not increasing the safety of the public.

Please reconsider this clause – AND those that have no statistical evidence to show the current situation is harmful – such as NC 19 and 20; the former would close some well established .22 rifle clubs and the latter harm the possible route of getting a firearm currently unknown to the authorities into a legal ownership.

R. Comben

50+ years a target shooter

September 2018


Prepared 12th September 2018