Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Alan Willey (OWB22)

I would like to submit my objection to the proposed banning of certain firearms, EG. Rapid fire small caliber rifles such as .22 rimfire semi automatic and Large caliber .50 bolt action rifles. Each of these firearms have a deserved place in our hobby/sport of target shooting. It is well known that the .50 caliber bolt action rifle was originally designed for long range target shooting before the military decided it would be a good platform for them. As for the semi automatic rimfire rifles they play a large part in the practical rifle disciplines of which there are many competitions and shooters of such rifles. I would not expect any gang member or terrorist to use either of these firearms to cause mayhem much preferring the hand gun which has been banned for many years now! All of the clamping down on legal shooters only seems to drive more firearms underground and make it more difficult for the law abiding shooter whose firearms are extremely safe due to all of the laws we already have in place. We the shooter have the most stringent rules regarding our hobby/sport compared to other countries but still gun crime is on the rise due to handguns being available on the black market. There have been many deaths by terrorists with motor vehicles and we do not try to ban these! If people wish to murder their fellow human beings they will use whatever means are available to them at the time and no amount of banning will stop this. Please consider the humble law abiding shooter who already jumps through hoops to follow his passion when this bill is considered.

Yours Faithfully, Alan Willey.

Hobby/sport shooter.

7 July 2018


Prepared 17th July 2018