Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Chris Ellis (OWB27)

To whom this may concern

My thoughts on this bill are as follows:

Ban the sale of knives to general public as there is no real need to carry or have a knife unless its job related, I recently visited a GO OUTDOORS shop to buy a gym water bottle and was shocked to see them selling some very nasty looking knives in a large glass display cabinet! They didn’t look like they were designed for camping or hunting.

And this made it look like they are targeting young people due to the display and types of knives.

Ban corrosive substances for sale and having them in public areas! This is one of the most sickening things that I have heard about in the past few years when people use acid as a weapon! This needs to be controlled or stopped.

My concern with this bill is the section that wants to reclassify certain firearms to a section 5, as a regular law abiding firearms owner and NRA member I feel that it’s the people that want to own firearms legally that keep getting punished and restricted to what they can own and what they are allowed to use!

Firearms owners have to be members of an affiliated shooting club and are vetted by the clubs and the local government / police authority, they have to follow the law by the letter or risk prison or losing their firearms and the right to be able to shoot! These types of people are not the ones that are going to use firearms for criminal activates or to cause harm to others.

Yet they are the people that are having the sport and activates they enjoy (target shooting, clay shooting, long range shooting, pistol shooting etc., etc.) taken away from them or restricted as a result of NON law abiding citizen that are not club members have no intention of buying firearms legally and would happily use a firearm to hurt or intimidate others.

The types of people that use guns in gangs or for violence are not the type to be affected by this bill as they do not obtain firearms from shops or legally! The same when it comes to ammunition they do not hold licences or care about the law or the consequences to their actions.

Why make it harder and punish the law abiding people that follow the rules?

Why make it harder for the law abiding people to enjoy the activities responsibly and safely?

That’s my two pence worth.

Many thanks


Chris Ellis

July 2018


Prepared 17th July 2018