Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Diana Taylor (OWB42)

Opposition to Article 15


As a member of the public and assistant director of an online retailer I understand that there are problems with knife crime in the UK. In my opinion, this problem needs to be tackled at the source, rather than with the sale of knives.


If thorough age checks are done at the point of purchase by online retailers, as we as a company do and take very seriously, this should resolve any problem and would eliminate the need to send deliveries to a public place.


I am opposed to the plans to stop the delivery of bladed tools to residential addresses as I believe this will not reduce the knife crime. Knives are readily available to those who are going to be using them for a crime. They can take them from their own kitchen drawers, steal them from shops or even steal them from people collecting their purchase of a bladed item that they were not able to have delivered to their home address. I believe that the majority of the population are being penalised for the small minority who use these tools inappropriately and that this problem should be tackled from the source.


The plans to stop delivery of bladed tools to a customer’s residential address will impact on many businesses and if this bill is passed there will need to be very clear guidelines as to what products are included as at this moment it is not terribly clear if this just covers knives, or other items such as saws, axes, scissors, etc etc .


Thank you for reading my comments regarding this bill and I hope that the outcome will be beneficial for all, including small online retailers.

Yours faithfully,

Diana Taylor

10 July 2018


Prepared 17th July 2018