Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Mr Tom Morton of Pilgrim Leathercraft (OWB48)

1. I would like to submit my view on the impact that Article 15 of the Offensive weapons Bill will have on my business as a fledgling manufacturer and seller of handmade knives and leatherwork. In outline I wish to make the following points:

· The knives and bladed items I make or refurbish are high quality handcrafted items which makes them necessarily expensive, but the profit margins are extremely tight.

· Any additional costs associated with postage to non-residential addresses would make my business unviable.

· Even though I can understand the well-meaning intent of this legislation in preventing knife crime, it is hard to perceive how the high quality and specialist knives and bladed items that I make are likely to be involved in this type of crime.

2. I am a sole trader living in an area of high unemployment with few opportunities and so have set up my own business which relies on internet sale and the postal system to survive. Can I ask the select comity to consider the following:

· That an exception be given to allow the delivery of bladed articles to residential addresses for knife suppliers that provide bladed tools with a practical application.

· That the select comity reflect on the negative impact this legislation will have on the small businesses that deal in bladed articles.

· That the select comity consider the relative availability of knives already in circulation against the likelihood of a criminal specifically purchasing a high-quality craftsman made knife.

3. Thank you for considering my submission.

Yours sincerely

Tom Morton

July 2018


Prepared 17th July 2018