Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Karl Franks, Director, Karlyon Care Ltd (OWB49)

I write to you with respect of the proposed changes to firearms legislation under the Offensive Weapons Bill specifically making .50 calibre firearms and so called MARS section 5.

Your impact assessment makes reference to ‘bump stocks’ that were used in the Las Vegas shooting last year. Bump stocks are not available in the UK for one. Secondly they work by using the recoil of the firearm to allow the trigger mechanism to remain depressed hence cycling another round into the chamber and thus fired. In order for that to take place the firearm would have to be semi-automatic in nature and as I am sure you are aware are already classified as section 5 and there for unable to be purchased by section 1 licenced sport shooters.

So called MARS or indeed lever release fire arms work in a different manner where one round is chambered via the trigger or a lever. Then the trigger is depressed and the round fired. The case is ejected and the bolt is locked back. It does not chamber another round until either the trigger is depressed a second time or lever released. They do not discharge rounds at a much faster rate that a traditional bolt action rifle. There have been zero studies conducted on this matter and is conjecture. The prohibition of these firearms will effectively discriminate against many disabled shooters in our sport.

High Muzzle Energy Firearms.

This again is a mute point. Ammunition is what gives HME firearms penetrative power. Armor Piercing ammunition is prohibited to civilian shooters. Banning these firearms will destroy a complete section of long range target shooting sports. A team from the UK recently competed in the USA in Extreme Long Range competition.

The Home Secretary comments regarding that this firearms have been used in the past by criminals is a disgrace. This was over twenty years ago in the conflicts in Northern Ireland in a time of war.

The reference to a FAC holder having their .50 calibre firearm stolen is too mute. The firearm was stolen and recovered almost immediately as these firearms a very large and incredibly heavy. Unloaded, without optics and bipod the firearms are around 13 kilograms. Military units work in two man teams to transport and use these firearms as they are so cumbersome.

I believe that these sections of the Offensive Weapons Bill in the spate of current violence in the UK are simply an act by the government to try and deceive the public into believing that they are actually doing something to prevent these crimes, when in effect they have no plan on how to stem the flow of illegal arms into this country. Yet again it is the law abiding citizen who is being penalised in an attempt to create the illusion of a safer country when in reality it is nothing of the sort.

Yours Sincerely

Karl P J W Franks BA (hons)

Registered Manager/ Company Director

Sport Shooter

July 2018


Prepared 17th July 2018