Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Robin Slade, Scrubby Oak Fine Foods Ltd (OWB52)

Having read the proposed Offensive Weapons Bill due to be considered by Parliament. I have the following observations relating to potential problems concerning the Section 3 entitled  Delivery of corrosive products to residential premises.

We operate a food business from our residential premises making Specialist Vinegars which are sold to caterers, other processors and the general public via internet sales. The later customers ie the Public may present us with a problem in terms of the wording of the act. In that we send our Vinegars out to the public via courier companies to their residential addresses. The acidity of the Vinegars is 8% and our pickled Onion products are 10%. The Acid we use to create them is Acetic Acid which comes into us in an 1,000 litre IBC container at 20% Acidity, which we then dilute down to the required level of acidity depending upon the product we are making. It is not currently possible to buy less than a 1,000 litre IBC container of Spirit Vinegar (Acetic Acid) from any U.K manufacturer. This product is vital to the continuation of our business and it is not currently economically viable for us to move into commercial premises. Or Business is registered at Companies House to trade from our domestic address.

We are concerned that us and other artisan food businesses that work from residential addresses are likely to find operating very difficult if not impossible if there is a restriction on food use acids are prohibited from being delivered to our domestic premises. I note that Acetic Acid is not currently listed in the bill as a prohibited substance as it currently stands. please would you ensure that this does not change in any future amendments. As this would have a negative impact upon businesses such as ours.

Proposed prohibition of Bladed Items being delivered to domestic premises.

If I have read this section of the Bill correctly it states that this rule applies to persons under the age of 18 Years. In which case there is no problem. As it is currently illegal to sell a knife to a person under 18 Years of age or for a person under 18 Years buy a Knife.

If on the other hand the bill is to prohibit the sale of any Bladed Product to a domestic address regardless of their age. Then this will adversely impact upon Crafts people and in particular Wood Workers operating a business from their domestic premises and Hobbyists with a home workshop who are over 18 Years. These groups tend to purchase most of their tools ( sharp Objects) over the internet and send out finished Bladed products to customers via couriers in the same way.

This needs to be bore in mind when considering this Bill and any amendments need to take these groups into account.

Prohibited Firearms. Section 28.

Rifles, The prohibition of any rifle with Kinetic energy of more than 13,600 joules at the  muzzle .

As a keen member of a Target shooting club I am concerned that this limitation may make some Rifle calibers at the higher end of the scale ie 303 and 308 calibres which are commonly used for humane Deer control purposes for the larger species such as Red, Sika and Fallow Deer illegal under the proposed Bill. Please consider this when making amendments to the proposed Bill 

With reference to section 28. 2. section 5 1) and 2)

Any rifle with a chamber from which empty cartridge cases are extracted using.

1). energy from propellant gas and 2). Energy imparted to a spring or other energ y storing device by propellant  gas.

i am concerned that this will prohibit the use of semi automatic Shotguns commonly used to control vermin and in Wild-fowling and therefore impact on the effectiveness of culling of vermin species and the likely hood of clean kills for all the species concerned. This would apply equally to semi automatic rifles used for vermin control or on rifle ranges.

Please consider these areas carefully when discussing and making amendments to the Bill.

Best regards

Robin Slade
Scrubby Oak Fine Foods Ltd

10 July 2018


Prepared 17th July 2018