Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Paul Fremantle (OWB59)

For the attention of the committee:

1. I am writing to you to comment on the proposed Offensive Weapons Bill that is currently under your consideration. I am writing on my own behalf as a Luthier (maker of wooden stringed instruments).

2. I am particularly concerned with section 15.

3. As a luthier, I work with a number of bladed tools. These include planes, chisels, marking knives, spokeshaves and many others. Many of these tools are specialist tools that cannot be bought in stores in the UK. I order some of them from specialist providers in the UK and I have also needed to order these tools from Germany, the USA and China before. In approximately 90% of cases the bladed tools I have bought were purchased online and delivered to my house.

4. Such specialist tools are also used by many other woodworkers including furniture makers.

5. The proposed bill, on my reading, seems to make this trade impossible, and will make it impracticable for many luthiers to acquire the right tools without adding significantly to the cost.

6. The bill as proposed is too wide.

7. I propose that there should be exceptions for chisels, plane blades, blades for other woodworking tools and specialist knives such as marking knives, which have a small cutting edge (typically less than 4cm of edge).

Yours truly,

Dr. Paul Fremantle

July 2018


Prepared 17th July 2018