Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Trevor Howard (OWB63)

Executive Summary:

1. Green woodworkers and many other crafts people need bladed tools with which to work.

2. Many of these tools are bought and sold across the web between British (and overseas) craftspeople - both sellers and buyers are craftspeople.

3. The prevention of sales of bladed tools across the web will severely curtail such trade and impair development of some crafts

4. This is a request to implement the Offensive Weapons Bill in such a manner as not to curtail the development of British crafts.


1. I am one among many hundred green woodworkers located around UK. I’m a member of the Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Wood Workers (APTGW) and practice my hobby in my workshop at home as well as in monthly local APTGW group meetings and other occasional weekend or week long events I attend each year – Spoonfest , The Bodgers Ball, The Bowl Gathering & other informal gatherings. There are over 1000 members of the APTGW and there are many more green woodworkers who are not members of the APTGW.

2. Green woodworking differs to carpentry/joinery in that the wood is worked while it is still wet and the tools used require sharp blades. The tools used are typically knifes, chisels, axes and various others. Sharper blades are not only more effective for cutting they’re also safer as they cut with less force. For this reason my tools are close to razor sharp.

3. Not all (but most) of my tools have been bought over the internet from British craftspeople who have sent them to me in the post in over a dozen individual transactions. Many of us within the green woodworking community experience new tools when we meet up at communal events and then get in direct contact with the makers and buy the tools we like and need across the web and have these posted to us. The constraints being considered under the Offensive Weapons Bill may make it illegal to acquire tools in this manner.

4. While supporting the sentiment of constraining terrorism I ask please that the Offensive Weapons Bill is implemented in such a manner as not to curtail free trade to many hobbyists such as myself. Yes I’d like to live in a safer world but I don’t want a nanny state.

5. Thanks for listening.

July 2018


Prepared 17th July 2018