Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Simon Duffy (OWB76)

I would like to raise the following points which i would hope you would consider prior to any decision regarding the following.

The key changes that the Bill would make are as follows:

1 /a new offence of possessing a corrosive substance in a public place;

There is no good reason to have any corrosive substance without proof of purchase on the same day and this should be under licence of being taken from the point of purchase to the address of the purchaser.

Any sale would need to be registered and have 2 proofs of address and require photo id. Anything outside this is classed as being equipped to cause harm and should have a minimum sentence of 3 years.

2 /a new offence of selling certain harmful corrosive products to under18s;

This should be raised to 21 can only be purchased as previously been discussed.

3 /new restrictions on online sales of bladed articles and corrosive products, including restrictions on deliveries to residential premises;

The sale of bladed articles should be to over 21s only and with passport and driving licence. And potentially a known offender register where names and faces of criminals who used bladed items for crime can be referenced to and this then could be raised to the police. Anyone caught with a bladed weapon and this is not for professional use should be a 1 year sentence of community service litter picking and cleaning graffiti and their work rate is assessed and if they don’t contribute then additional time can/will be added.


4 /a new offence of possessing certain offensive weapons (the weapons concerned are already subject to restrictions on their sale, manufacture and importation); and reclassifying certain firearms as "prohibited weapons" under section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968.

This is not clear- as legal firearms are not an issue and this should be made clear to focus on the illegal firearms rather than legally held weapons.

Any illegally held firearms should be a 2 year sentence and have to work within the community where the offence was committed and they need to work 9 hours per day and ti me can be added for not working .

Restrictions on knives with locking blades is ineffective and not required. The locking mechanism is for safety to ensure the blade will not close on the users fingers.

Due to the restrictions on a lockable blade this affect safety of legitimate users.

A bladed item is not the issue its the user of the item.

Greater powers to the police would assist. This should be carried out without prejudice as in some areas the demographic swings to a specific race.

We should not lose sight of the objective which is to stop knife crime and reduce the loss of life.

Simon Duffy MICWCI - Tech ICT

Clerk of Works

Rund Partnership Limited

July 2018


Prepared 23rd July 2018