Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Keith Rayner (OWB89)

Thank you for your invitation to submit my views on the Offensive Weapons Bill coming up for scrutiny over the next few months.


With regards to Corrosive Substances I regularly purchase a well known brand of drain cleaner as it’s the only product that works efficiently to keep my drains clear. I generally order this sulphuric acid over the internet as I feel it safer if it comes by courier and securely wrapped, rather than putting it in the boot of my car.

Your proposed Bill has indicated that this would no longer be an option and I would have to obtain it from a retailer. However your proposals also suggest making it an offence to have a corrosive substance in a public place which would make it unlawful to carry it out to the car. In other words I would be prevented from this using this very useful product.


Moving on to restrictions concerning "bladed articles", to include any item or tool capable of causing a "bleed" and the intention of preventing these items being sent to residential addresses covers every tool from a knife to a screwdriver et al. Again I receive such items by post as I live in a rural area and would have to drive many miles for some of my specialist tools. I can’t imagine the damage and headache this would cause to the trade.


I’m at a loss as to why this Parliament feels it necessary to place further bans on certain weapons as there’s no evidence to suggest .50 calibre rifles have been used in any crime in this country. They’re certainly no weapon of choice to any terrorist, being so unwieldy. As far as restricting muzzle energy to 13000 joules of kinetic energy, all ranges in this country comply with their Home Office Approval as to what is deemed safe to shoot at any particular location.

With the proposed ban on MARS rifles this is going to take shooting, as a sport, away from many handicapped people. Also the mention of so called "Rapid Fire" is meaningless, in the context of the proposals, as that depends on the operator.

Pistol shooting was my first choice as a shooting discipline, as it was for thousands of others, but sadly that was taken away with the ban. The one good thing was that I was able to take my pistols to France and use them at a club in Albi. Despite the pistol ban in Britain these firearms are the choice of criminals and many weapons have flooded in from Eastern Europe and other countries.

I feel aggrieved that over many years our shooting sports have always been under threat from Parliament and we don’t have the same freedoms of our Continental neighbours who accept that the fault lies with the criminal and not with the weapon.

This vaguely worded Bill is a further threat to our freedoms and encompasses so many day to day objects that I’m at a loss as to why it’s being proposed. We already have the most severe Firearms Laws of any country, along with the "Carrying of knives legislation". Perhaps the perpetrators of heinous crimes should be deterred with much stiffer prison terms.

Yours Faithfully

K.J.S. Rayner

July 2018


Prepared 23rd July 2018