Offensive Weapons Bill

Written evidence submitted by Bruce Bollington, Managing Director of Lorax Ltd, trading as Heinnie Haynes (OWB94)

Executive summary

This submission sets out two suggestions for amendments to the Offensive Weapons Bill, as drafted


i) Heinnie Haynes is an established, well known and trusted online retailer of knives, tools and clothing, based in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan. Heinnie Haynes is the trading name of Lorax Limited. Company registration 5396655.

ii) Heinnie Haynes was established in 1996, and is recognised as a well known and trusted retailer of knives, tools and clothing. Our annual sales for the last 12 months were £4,100,000. We currently fulfil over 5,000 orders each month with 60,000 customers on our database.

iii) We know our knives.

1) We recognise the need for new legislation governing the sale of knives and support the government in their aims. It’s our desire that this legislation when passed is effective immediately and will not need to be revisited to address its current shortcomings.

2) We feel that aspects of the Bill as currently drafted will penalise legitimate customers, whilst not offering any improvement in public safety.

2.1) Delivery to residential addresses
We have, for many years, carried out effective age verification procedures. We are also aware that many companies have not. We are concerned that companies failing to currently carry out age verification will ignore the proposed prohibition and continue to supply to residential addresses. We are also concerned that our housebound customers will be discriminated against when they are unable to collect knives from collection points.

2.2) Definition of a flick knife
We welcome the proposal to update the definition, which has been outdated for several years. We feel that the updated definition must be specific in its description of knife types. The proposed definition could currently be interpreted to identify many knives which we do not believe are to be the focus of this definition.

We are happy to assist the committee in its deliberations.

July 2018


Prepared 23rd July 2018