Tenant Fees Bill

Written evidence submitted by Roy Pabari, Hilton & Fox Limited (TFB20)

I write to air my views on tenants fees.

Being an agent myself, I strongly believe that tenants fees should remind however should be capped to one/weeks rent.

The reason we charge is for credit scoring and referencing which is a protecting for landlords if tenants don’t pay rent.  Most of our tenants we don’t know and background checks are important as it is our duty to inform our landlords of calibre of tenants.

Inventory charges are important as we are not allowed to do inventory as we work for our landlord, not having an inventory will create major issues when damages at end of tenancy.

Capping admin/referencing fees will be the best option forward and also will keep agents in business,  if no fees I feel that many agents will suffer and this will lead to closures and job losses.

The law should state the following:

1. Admin/referencing fee capped to one/two weeks rent (for each tenant named on tenancy)

2. Inventory charge

3. No charge for tenants on renewing tenancy

4. No charge for tenants on check out fees

The above are my points and reasons.

Kind regards


May 2018


Prepared 4th June 2018