Tenant Fees Bill

Written evidence submitted by Simon Bland, sbliving Limited (TFB21)

Dear Sirs,

I am worried that all focus and scrutiny is directed only towards saving the tenant money. Very little regard has been given to the quality of service and ongoing management a tenant will receive once the property has been let all of which link to the health and safety of the tenant. By reducing the fee income of the agent significantly the quality of staff, staff training and general service a tenant will receive may be reduced. I am certain there are a lot of tenants who would rather pay a small and reasonable fee and be assured of good service than pay nothing for a lesser service.

A lot of sensible agents providing excellent service are having their businesses substantially impacted by a few irresponsible agents. Letting fees are definitely more of a problem in the South of the country than in the North where the average is around £200 per let and properties are already often let at zero fees.

I write to you having run our letting agency with 12 staff for 10 years and manage over 500 properties. We have started selling properties to offset potential losses from the fee ban and are working very hard in the hope we will not have to let any staff go due to these changes which will have minimal impact on our tenants finances (£200 - £300 saving every year to two years will not change their lives) but will have a huge impact on our business and service we provide. It looks like a London problem is being treated across the UK and it is the Northern agents who are more reliant on this income stream and who will be affected most due to lower rents received.


Simon Bland


May 2018


Prepared 4th June 2018