Tenant Fees Bill

Written evidence submitted by Adam Gregory, AGT Property Management & Lettings (TFB23)

Dear Public Bill Committee

I own and manage a small property management and lettings company.

We have always kept our fees capped at £160 per property, not per tenant and no other charges relating to the application fee.

We believe there must be a charge, to cover time spent on viewings, paperwork etc etc.

Increasing costs to landlords to cover these charges for time spent, isn’t fair on landlords as they pay for us letting their property anyway, and especially after all the recent tax changes and constant new legislation coming in to force which in turn, means more costs for agents and landlords.

I have always strongly believed an Application Fee cap at £100 per tenant or property would be the fairest.

Why shouldn’t tenants have to pay a small fee to move into a property.

Agents have been very greedy and I know this from personel experience aswell. So I appreciate why the need for change is needed.

I can see this only increasing rents if a total ban was agreed, meaning long serving tenants suffering as over years, they would pay a lot more rent. With short term renters having a good ride.

Please consider this submission.

Kind regards

Adam Gregory MARLA

AGT Property Management & Lettings Ltd

May 2018


Prepared 4th June 2018