Tenant Fees Bill

Written evidence submitted by movemetolondon.com (TFB39)

As an agent I perform a semi para-legal service in creating a legally binding contract under the Housing Act; it is a conveyance. Nobody would expect not to be paid for a service that is time consuming. Nobody would expect a surveyor to undertake the same for no charge. would you work for free why should I ? I will be forced to closedown should Bill go though and lose my job. Why is this not dealt with in a fair manor with an cap or guidelines?

Why can you pick an industry and say we can’t charge for a time consuming and detailed process . What industry will you pick on next.

Do you have any idea how much time gos into the work we do I earn the same as a cleaner when I look at the hours I do.

Do you think the landlords pay us all the time well they don’t. Regulation is the answer and assisted help and training is what’s needed in industry not putting tens of thousands of people out of work.

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May 2018


Prepared 4th June 2018