Tenant Fees Bill

Written evidence submitted by Mervyn Terrett, A-Top Management Services Ltd (TFB40)

Dear Sirs

I have owned a Letting Agency in Hertfordshire for the past 31 years.

We provide accommodation of a very good standard to just over 1000 tenants at any one time in a town which has high employment in both the private and NHS sector, where flexibility of movement in employment is common

Our tenant fees are very modest, £200 for a single tenancy, £300 for two persons and £400 for three or more, all inclusive of VAT with no extras for guarantors or credit searches etc.

WE have NEVER had a complaint about those.

We believe this Bill in its current form is an unwarranted intrusion into the running of a business and could beg the question as to when the Government would order Marks and Spencer etc to fix their charges for their products especially food products which one would deem as essential as a roof over peoples’ heads.

That a possible limit perhaps relating to the price of the rental/numbers of clients should be thought about is "reasonable" but a total ban could see agencies like mine having to cut staff numbers as a result of substantial reduction of income with the Government receiving less income tax etc.

I would press urgently for serious amendments to the proposed total ban as affecting many many companies like my own who seek to provide an effective personal service in the supply of homes to local working people

Member of all known regulatory bodies.

June 2018


Prepared 4th June 2018