Finance (No.2) Bill

Written evidence submitted by a person who wishes to remain anonymous (FB10)

Not for public disclosure - Individual response to Finance (No. 2) Bill for scrutiny by the Public Bill Committee

Dear Honourable Committee member,

I write with specific reference to the loan charge 2019 that is being introduced as part of the latest finance bill – I have only just found out about this piece of legislation via word of mouth and am still totally stunned by the retrospective period that it is proposed to cover (back to 1999) and am still trying to come to terms with the impact that this will have on me and my family – I have been happily married for 25 years with 2 wonderful daughters. Quite simply I will have to declare myself bankrupt which, due to the nature of my work will make it impossible for me to work again in my industry so will be forced to rely on government assistance for existence for the rest of my life.

The retrospective aspect of this charge is unfathomable to me and anyone I’ve mentioned it to thinks it’s a joke not a law that is planned to b e implemented by our government!

Which stands out from the following retrospective statements?

1) The speed limit in Whitehall will change tomo rrow from 30mph to 20mph. All drivers who have driven down Whitehall at 30mph si nce 1999 will now be fined as the law has been introduced retrospectively.

2) Goal line technology has been introduced in football. This change is made retrospectively , as a result the world cup final result from 1966 will be rewritten as 3-2 to England as the ball didn’t cross the line .

3) The UK’s Brexit negotiations aren’t going to plan, retrospectively we aren’t going to invoke articl e 50.

4) Capital punishment is now re introduced for murder – this is being implemented retrospectively therefore all murderers convicted from 1999 will be hung.

5) To stay in employment following the implementation of IR35, I have had to find Umbrella company solutions that keep me working within the law as set by parliament, with renumeration schemes that are HMRC compliant, are reviewed independently every year by my own independent accountant, to ensure that my tax return is submitted as a factual document according to the laws of this land as honest and true. Compliance with law is of the upmost importance as I have to prove to my industry regulators that I am a ‘fit and proper person’ or I can no longer work in the industry. Many years later the same parliament that set the laws weren’t implemented correctly, amend them - retrospectively – I have therefore been working illegally since 1999 and now face bankruptcy and unemployment as a result.

There is no difference between any of the above statements.

As the government have retrospectively changed the law, why can’t I retrospectively go back through time to ensure compliance with UK law as retrospectively intended by parliament? – answer – I’m not Doctor Who and I don’t have a Tardis !!!!

The Loan charge 2019 should be exactly as stated – a loan charge from 2019 – anything else is proof that abiding by the laws of this land as parliament intended could destroy your life and I will find that a very difficult conversation to have with my children when they are homeless, as I have done my best to bring them up in a loving family, law abiding way- I’ve always considered this the right way – the conservative way.

I have no issue with the contents of this letter being used as a reference point, but my identity must remain confidential.

I will also be forwarding this letter to my local MP – Huw Merriman who I have asked to meet in person but have not yet received a reply.

Thanks for reading and I hope that common sense prevails amongst those that have the privilege to serve and protect the people of this country.

Yours Sincerely

January 2018


Prepared 10th January 2018