Smart Meters Bill

Written evidence submitted by Energy Networks Association (SMB04)

Call for written evidence - Smart Meters Bill

Energy Networks Association (ENA) is the industry body representing the UK’s electricity and gas transmission and distribution network operators.

We are pleased to respond to the call for written evidence issued on 26th October 2017.

The following comments are provided by ENA on behalf of its member companies. ENA member companies may also respond individually to the call for evidence. Our comments are therefore submitted in support of the individual submissions provided by our members.

We note that the Bill deals with two important matters related to the Government’s Smart Metering Implementation Programme:

1. Extension of Powers - Extension of existing powers the Secretary of State has to develop, amend and oversee regulations relating to smart metering.

2. Special Administration Regime - Introduction of a special administration regime for the national smart meter communication and data service provider to ensure the service continues to be provided in the unlikely event of its insolvency.

Gas and electricity network companies are supportive of the above proposals as these seem to be very appropriate steps for the Secretary of State to take in order to protect consumer interests in the continuation of an effective smart metering system.

November 2017


Prepared 22nd November 2017