Trade Bill

Written evidence submitted by Leslie and Patricia Mackay (TB22)

Dear sir/madam,

A personal response to the UK Government’s Trade Bill.

As this is a very complicated issue, and we have no expert knowledge on the subject, we will comment as concerned citizens on what we see as the democratic deficit, from a Scottish perspective, particularly as the Scottish people voted very clearly against leaving the EU.

At the time of the Scottish independence referendum Scotland was promised, by Scottish Secretary David Mundell, "one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world " , yet, on the crucial issue of the UK’s future trade arrangements with the world, the elected Scottish Parliament has no involvement in the negotiations and no say on the outcome.

We would urge those involved in the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the UK Government’s Trade Bill to heed the detailed submissions from the Scottish Government, and those many individuals and bodies with much more knowledge than we have, to ensure that proper arrangements are put in place to protect the right of the Scottish Parliament, and the needs of the Scottish people, to be democratically represented in future trade arrangements.

Yours sincerely,

Leslie and Patricia Mackay.

January 2018


Prepared 30th January 2018